Friday, September 27, 2013

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone!


Don't you just love that word. 

It conjures all kinds of feelings for me. Fantasy, Whimsical, Childhood, Enchantment... Deep down in my heart I like to think that magic exists in the world - of course that notion makes logical side of me scream. But then again... the logical side of me often gets shut up in the cupboard from time to time when I'm too stubborn to accept something. 

The very notion of magic has flirted with the human imagination for hundreds of years, from medieval dragons, witches and warlocks, to the Easter bunny, Santa Clause, and the Tooth Fairy. It has spawned some of the most creative stories of all time such as Alice in Wonderland, the Chronicals of Narnia, and Harry Potter! I ask you, who wouldn't want to live in these dream worlds. The very concept of magic, that untouchable, seemingly unexistant thing has actually made our 'non magical' world that much more interesting. Perhaps this is why when something happens that is unexplainable or just a little too coincidental, we often describe it as being 'like magic'... or maybe aliens ... but that's a whole other pot of fish! 

So despite all the logicalness that resides in me (although I must admit there probably isn't very much) I choose to hope, dream and believe that magic exists in some fashion. It might not be the magic of wands and spells but in some minuet way I can't imagine there not being magic! 

Perhaps it's just me but I like to think about what it used to feel like when I thought Santa Claus was real. Presents aside, the notion of Santa would make me feel giddy and just plain happy. I mean how cool is it that there's this jolly old fellow who strives to bring joy to all the children of the earth one day a year. But it's really the feeling of what Santa Claus represents that is the magic. Perhaps I'm just being mushy, but in the end Santa is real to me, maybe not in the physical sense, but in what he represents!

This is probably why I was drawn to 'Santa's Magic' by Mirabilia. The chart itself just whispers the whimsical! The title is also very apt :) 

After fussing with fabic woes for a while I decide to dumpster dive into my stash (long story... lets just say these Christmas in July sales are not all they are cracked up to be). Officially I had a little start in of Quaker Christmas II - Songs of the Season on this fabric but that was almost more than a year ago. And when I say little I mean LITTLE! You can probably make out where I had ripped out a bit of red floss on the right hand side of my new start on Santa's Magic!

If all goes well, that bit of red fuzz which I can't get rid of will be covered with Santa's sleeve! Hopefully I got the 'counted' part of counted cross stitch right.

You probably can't notice but the fabric is actually an antique white so it has more of a mild yellowish tinge to it so that will allow me to better blend the empty spaces in the Santa's coat that I talked about in an earlier post. I think I'll step down the gold floss a notch or two to make it blend better with the fabric and that will be the limit of my changes! No major overhaul or editing of colours needed... thank god!

PS: On another note altogether I've been very tardy with checking all the blogs on my feed over ther past week or so... I just checked and it says there are 600 new posts to read since the last time I was on!!! You guys are certainly prolific little buggers aren't you ;) hehe

Until next time!


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