Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

This past weekend the boyfriend and I did some at home tourism. By at home I mean 3 hours drive one way and camping for the (long) weekend at one of Newfoundland's beautiful provincial parks. The beauty of it all was that it was so spontaneous. I was simply driving to work thinking 'what on earth am I going to do this weekend'... things have been kinda stalled on the home construction front and the weather man was calling for our best weekend of weather yet! Long weekend + beautiful weather + nothing to do = CAMPING of course. So that's where it all started.

Now I should tell you I have probably only been camping in my adult life just a handful of times. I'm not a fan of anything that buzzes, creeps or crawls in the woods so I usually just try and stay away from it all. BUT as my camping epiphany hit me all that went out the door. I was going to go camping and that was it! But where. There are about dozen or so official camp grounds about the province and I kinda wanted to branch out of the 'go-to' places that I visited most as a child (Terra Nova and Butterpot parks- don't you just love those names!!!!). After a quick conversation with a coworker and the desire not to drive too much Lockston Path Provincial Park on the Discovery Trial (aka highway) became the destination for the weekend.

Cape Bonavista Coast Line
Now, I won't bore you with too much history BUT the Discovery Trial lies on a particularly historically important peninsula in Newfoundland. The Bonavista Peninsula and the town of Bonavista marks the very discovery of the isle of Newfoundland by the British sponsored and Italian explorer Giovanni Caboto (or John Cabot as he is known here). It is said that upon arrival the ocean was simply teeming with cod, which eventually became a huge trade industry for the Brits as they colonized - somewhat unwillingly - the Island of Newfoundland. The Bonavista Peninsula was also a huge epicenter of fishery as well, evidence of which remains to this day. I hadn't been to this area since I was 10-12 years old so it was great to re-discover all the sights.

First up was Bonavista with it's picturesque fishing town vibe, the Ryan Premises and their iconic lighthouse. The wonderful thing about Bonavista is that they have really committed themselves to preserving history through their historical sites. The Ryan Premises is a perfect example of this. Mr. Ryan was (some 200 years ago) a very powerful and wealthy fishing merchant. So now the federal government has turned all the buildings he owned including his house into a story of the rise and fall of the cod fishery in Newfoundland. 

View from the Ryan Premises
Out-building of the Ryan Premises
The Boyfriend and I at the Bonavista Lighthouse
Bonavista Lighthouse

I should also mention that before heading back to the campsite for the night we made sure to stuff ourselves FULL with the freshest and most delicious fish and chips that this planet has to offer :) and I don't even really like fish and chips hahaha

Well folks I think that's about it for Part 1!

Lots more to tell so I think that will have to wait for my next blog post!

Until next time :)


Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Saturday Everyone! 

I cannot believe it is June already?!?! Time has just flown. The worse thing is I'm wishing another week away and praying that June 3 will hurry up and get here already! Why? WEEEEELLLLLLL I have some good news. After being on the job hunt for close to 6 months (and 2 months of being unemployed being in there) I've had a job offer! YEYEYEYEYEY. 

Monday morning I went for a 2nd interview at a local Women's Entrepreneurship Organization. So when I got home I was crossing my fingers which the knowledge that I likely would know within the next couple of days if I got the job. I left both my first and second interviews feeling fabulous and super excited about what the job entailed. No more than an hour after I got home my cell phone rings... Now you have to understand something, I NEVER get calls on my cell phone. Which kind of defeats the purpose of having a cell doesn't! ANYWAY, I hear my cell ringing and my heart instantly feels like it's in my throat. I pick it up and lo and behold it was who I was hoping it was going to be offering me a job! When I got off the phone I'm pretty sure I ran the gamit of emotion in about 5 seconds, overjoyed to disbelief to totally relieved. I really want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me here in blogland. Your kind words of encouragement have certainly made me more confident and helped to break the funk I had been in for a few weeks :)

So my first day is Monday! Every exciting and I simply cannot wait to dive head first into this new position.

Unfortunately I don't have a stitching update for you today - my mojo is still on the fritz. BUTTTT I have been in the kitchen. Having lived in Italy I often have moments where I just want to transport myself back there for a little while and I do that by (attempting) to create the foods I experienced there. So I whipped out the pasta maker and my newly discovered semolina flour (which is great for pasta's I just never knew I could get it here until last week).

Some mixing, kneading, resting, chopping and machining later came out with one of my most favourite pasta's ever! Cappellacci di Zucca is a traditional pasta of Ferrara and is stuffed with the heavenly goodness that is roasted butternut squash, parmigiano reggiano and a hint of nutmeg. Don't ask me exactly how I made the stuffing because I just eyeballed it (my usual way of cooking). But if you're interested in trying it out here's a good recipe to start with: . I also pumped out some tagliatelle noodles with some of the left over pasta dough - NO NEED FOR WASTE :)

Mmmm just looking at that finished product makes me drool haha. I finished off the pasta with one the most simple and likely most fattening sauces - Crispy Sage Butter Sauce. Absolutely delicious and not so heavy that you can't really get the taste of the sweet butternut squash centre.

Pasta making is truly a labour of love and if you're not one for the kitchen I wouldn't recommend making your own pasta. Me on the other hand - if I spend hours in the kitchen just fooling around with different recipes I'm in heaven :)

Have a great weekend!!!


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