Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Happy Wednesday Folks!

I've now officially completed PART 2 of the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler!!!

I'm so loving this chart. All the colours make it so fun to stitch. I haven't attached any of the beads or charms just yet - waiting on part 3 for that. Hope to see it soon in the mail box that's for sure.

In fact, my favourite colours in this chart are the oranges. The variegated floss is such a joy to work with and I just LOVE seeing the floss change colour as I stitch. The oranges are the best being so warm and juicy (for the lack of a better word).

So to keep me going I'm going to stitch up my Fall exchange piece while waiting on Part 3. Lots of orange guaranteed!

Orange also is starting to make an appearance in the garden now too - after being somewhat ravaged by the hurricane last week... my poor peas didn't make it and I had to rip them up yesterday much to my disappointment. 

Very fall festive isn't it? I know I know... what about that splash of green in the last picture there???? Welllll they're Carrots!!! They're still only baby sized right now - which might not be a good thing - BUT... they're orange ;)

And before I go, your shot of Leia for the day... she was one hyper puppy this morning!!!

Ciao for now and Happy Stitching,



  1. Your sampler is looking so sweet ..I still have to start mine...
    Aww Lelia is so sweet..
    Lovely garden is spring here now and I am missing fall so much
    Hugs x

  2. Ooh, I'm so jealous of you and the Mystery sampler. I really wanted to stitch it, but just couldn't afford it! It looks really good.

  3. The mystery sampler is so pretty. And your garden looks wonderful...Lelia is beautiful.

  4. Seriously gorgeous work on the sampler! Very nice. I'm jealous of how fall-y everything looks over there! Here fall just means less humidity and more tolerable weather. Yay! :P

  5. Your Mystery Sampler is beautiful! I resisted getting this but I think I am going to cave in and get it anyway, just love how it looks! Your garden looks great, especially those carrots!

  6. Your mystery sampler is coming along great, love the autumnal colours :-)

  7. I can see why you're enjoying stitching this one so much, Melissa--it is adorable. And what great pumpkins!! We have some, too, for the first time in years. Guess they liked the hot, dry summer this year :)

  8. Wow. The LK myestery sampler looks great. I need to start mine.
    The pumpkins look happy too.
    Hugs to you and Leia!

  9. Very pretty sampler, I should say it's huuge.
    Such a pretty garden

  10. beautiful stitching!!! :D

  11. Great sampler!
    I love the orange too!

  12. Hello

    Just found your blog!
    Leia is gorgeous!

    Your L*K mystery sampler looks lovely and those veggies are very impressive!

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  13. Love your LK Mystery Sampler - it's coming along great! I just saw part 3 on 123 Stitch the other day so I'm sure you'll have it soon. I really like the borders and the satin stitch is so great when you use the overdyed threads.

    Your pumpkins are looking very autumnal! I have a black thumb..can't grow anything LOL.

  14. This Halloween sampler just looks gorgeous. And you are right about the orange colours - beautiful.

  15. Love your pumpkin photos and that squash looks delish!! Your Lelia is adorable!!

  16. Your sampler looks awesome!! Fall colors are (almost) best colors!

    And carrots totally count as fall, haha.

  17. Your Halloween Sampler is looking gorgeous, great progress

  18. Your sampler looks great, nice veggies too.

    Not sure we're going to get many fall colours, saw on the news that Leslie did some damage to the trees around town.

  19. The more I am seeing this LK sampler around, the more it is tempting me!
    Your garden goodies look great, despite the storm. Love the pumpkins!
    Leia is so cute! Must be the fall in the air, Panzer has been quite frisky too!


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