Friday, December 7, 2012

I Won a Giveaway!

Happy Friday!

In celebration of the season I've changed my blog theme!!! Tres belle no?

I even added a bit of wintery snow just to get everyone in the wintery mood if you're not already haha. Not that I need it. Since my last post, mother nature decided to take away all our crunchy snow in favour of some rain and soggyness... then lo and behold - I wake up this morning to find that everything has frozen over once again and the snow is coming down... again. Make up your mind mother nature!!!!

My moose-y WIP is about to get a dusting of the white stuff next too! Here's where I was at last night:

I made a little bitty boo boo in the neck by skipping an entire row but I think I'll just work without it instead of having to rip everything out. Looks ok right???

I also won a giveaway back in November by Tricia over at A Stamper's Stitches that I've been waiting to post about until I got the package in the mail. And yesterday it finally arrived!!! 

3 little mini charts, one of which is the sweetest little card! As you can see, there's also a little tree chart too which will not be waiting too long to be stitched :)  The card Tricia sent was so cute and special. I love it! Thanks for your generosity Tricia!

While I was snapping my pictures last night I had a lazy on looker - prepare yourselves!

Leia.... She was not so subtly telling me to get my big beautiful arse into bed during the photoshoot just below her... especially when she started pawing me in the head. "Like come on missus - why on earth are you taking pictures when you could be curled up in bed with me????". I know Leia - you're just a big sook - I'm just your personal pillow!

Joking aside, I'm surprised she was able to keep her eyes open when I took this little snap-shot hehe. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!! Almost 2 weeks to Christmas!!!!!

Just thought I'd give everyone a friendly reminder to panic :)



  1. Nice little stitchy update & great giveaway goodies! Have a lovely weekend, Mii.

  2. Sweet Leia.
    I don't need a friendly reminder. I am panicked! *~*

  3. She is so beautiful, my Golden paws my hand when she wants me to rub her, Love love love dogs. What a wonderful win! and the moose neck looks fine, wouldn't know it to look at it.

    How did you add the snow? so cute.

  4. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Congratulations! If you have any questions on how this works you can go to my blog.

  5. Great progress on your moose. Congratulations on your giveaway win.

  6. great stitchy progress and lovely giveaway goodies..
    have a lovely weekend x

  7. yeah, yeah, yeah...18 days... plenty of time... Argh!!! Your moose is so cute! Can't tell anything is missed! Leia is a beautiful dog! Enjoy her! Hugs!

  8. The moose is looking great.
    What a sweet giveaway win.
    2 weeks..oh my!!

  9. Love your New Look Isn't it wonderful to be the winner? Great gifts

  10. Lovely goodies and what a great shot of sweet Leia!

  11. Nope, you must pick out everything or it will haunt you FOREVERRRR. Ahaha, I'm of the crowd that subscribes to "it's not a mistake, it's a creative enhancement" so I think you're good. :D

    And hooray, congrats on the win! It's fun to receive something so cute!


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