Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!

I am finally recouping from the flu I had alllllllll last week and am now in the process of PACKING!!!

Were might I be headed you ask? Well if the title of this post hasn't already given it away (as I'm sure it has) then this will... 

NYC, the Big Apple, the Big City! No matter what you call it the glitz and glam of New York City is calling MY name. Broadway, Time Square, Lady Liberty, Central Park. YIKES!!!! I'm sooooo beyond excited. I'm meeting up with some of my most treasured friends from my University days. Of the 25+ of us who did my program, I would say there are no more than 2 or 3 living in the same country. So when my friend contacted me and asked me to go, it didn't take much for me to say yes. Airfare to NYC from my little Rock in the ocean is far less expensive than heading to Europe and NYC has been on my Bucket List for ages. Add that to being able to meet up with my old friends and the offer became practically irresistible. 

So this my friends will likely be my last post before my trip. I'll be back next week to update you all on all that is NYC! With plenty of pictures too :)

Arrivederci mi amici!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy Wednesday Folks!

I've now officially completed PART 2 of the Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler!!!

I'm so loving this chart. All the colours make it so fun to stitch. I haven't attached any of the beads or charms just yet - waiting on part 3 for that. Hope to see it soon in the mail box that's for sure.

In fact, my favourite colours in this chart are the oranges. The variegated floss is such a joy to work with and I just LOVE seeing the floss change colour as I stitch. The oranges are the best being so warm and juicy (for the lack of a better word).

So to keep me going I'm going to stitch up my Fall exchange piece while waiting on Part 3. Lots of orange guaranteed!

Orange also is starting to make an appearance in the garden now too - after being somewhat ravaged by the hurricane last week... my poor peas didn't make it and I had to rip them up yesterday much to my disappointment. 

Very fall festive isn't it? I know I know... what about that splash of green in the last picture there???? Welllll they're Carrots!!! They're still only baby sized right now - which might not be a good thing - BUT... they're orange ;)

And before I go, your shot of Leia for the day... she was one hyper puppy this morning!!!

Ciao for now and Happy Stitching,


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I am here, having survived mostly unscathed by Hurricane Leslie. I however cannot say much for this Corvette...

Lord Tunderin' Salt Water Rabbits! 

But seriously, it's sad to look at really isn't it...? The poor owner of this vehicle was apparently building the very shed that destroyed it to keep the car safe from the elements. What a cruel twist of fate :( I suppose 137km winds can do this sort of thing can't they. But besides a few blown off roofs, downed trees and loss of power for most of the day, Newfoundland came away from this storm pretty good. No loss of life, no real flooding, infrastructure in general held up pretty well, etc. Nothing like Igor so I'm told. God knows it could have been much worse if experience has taught us anything. So I'm happy to be carrying on my normal daily life, my only worry being how to navigate some big intersections whose traffic lights are still on the fritz. 

I got a tinsy bit of stitching in on Tuesday seeing as Leslie gave us the day off work. 

Not much difference from last time is it?

Unfortunately with no power (with really dark skies outside) and 36ct dark colour linen, stitching is beyond difficult. So what did I do while waiting out the storm. Made pancakes with the Coleman stove of course.... and sit and wait. Yup... no Wizard of Oz... OH WELL.

Until next time darlings!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday Folks!

BULLsEYE! Hurricane Leslie is set to hit us early tomorrow. It's unusual for us to see anything remotely close to a hurricane as they usually veer off into the Atlantic somewhere.   But nevertheless, it's coming and we spent the entire afternoon taking in all the garden furniture and anything that's not blotted down. I don't think people would be so worried if it weren't for the fact that we got hit a couple of years ago with Hurricane Igor. Flooding, loss of power, downed trees, wash-outs... It's still fresh in peoples minds and people are going ape-shit crazy with fear. Personally, I wasn't around for Igor having opted to tromps around Europe and attend my Masters course in Italy. I find it hard to relate and people keep telling me that I'm not taking it seriously. Either way, the city is on high alert and I've got a sneaking suspision that there won't be work tomorrow. Not that I object to this. Maybe I'll get in a little Judy Garland and the crowd from the Wizard of OZ - one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIES!!! :)

Another storm day activity option is also the bottle wine! Lots of wine. Myself and the BF have been hard at work over the past couple weeks encouraging our wine attempts to ferment. I think we've had success with his batch of wine (mine not so much). Anyway, it is now time to bottle! So exciting. Wish me luck scrapping of the all those labels - we may be doing our part for mother nature by reusing our old wine bottles but I'm certainly NOT looking forward to scrapping the labels and glue off these things!

On another note I won a give away by Sarah over at Sarah in Stitches. This package travelled quite the distance and I was EVER so happy when it arrived :) I love everything. The french charts - good thing I have an awesome french BF to translate for me! The beautiful box, which is now being used to house my specialty flosses.  The fabric is so cute and I just LOVE the pin keep not to mention the bracelet. Thank you sooooo much Sarah for the generous giveaway!!!

Ciao for now!

Hoping I don't drown tomorrow!


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