Thursday, January 17, 2013

Christmas Goodies

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I hope every one had a good Christmas!

Well I've finally returned! I was out of town for most of Christmas so blogging just wasn't in the cards ... came home last Thursday and BOOM - I was hit with the WORST FLU EVER. I would actually say this is just about as sick I've ever been as an adult. To say I was bed ridden would be an understatement. In fact this is my first full week back to work since Christmas/New Years! Yet still I try to stay away from physical activity as much as possible because I find it just drains me completely. I even find myself huffing-and-puffing as I reach the top of the stairs in my house @_@. Not fun... but on the bight side, I'm on the mend and I can feel it - always a good sign.

I'm dying to get back to my stitching as nothing has been done since the last time I blogged back on Dec 19!!!! Christmas + Sickness = No Stitching.

In the mean time I'll satisfy myself by posting a few picks of a couple of exchanges I did for Christmas.

First off my exchange with McKenna from Chic Crafting.

A little while before Christmas both McKenna and I decided it would be great to send each other a little something as an exchange and this is was sent!

From me to McKenna:

"Sleigh Bells Ring" by LHN

"Peace" from Christmas Ornaments JCS 2012 edition

From McKenna:

I think this little ornament is sooooooo sweet :) I loved the Christmas-y floss I got along with it! Of course I forgot to take a picture of that however. Very cute and much appreciated McKenna!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Next up is my Christmas exchange with the STITCHED WITH LOVE EXCHANGES group. 

This is what I sent to my partner Debbie.

"Peace" from Christmas Ornaments JCS 2012

"Ding Dong Merrily on High"
by LHN

And this is what I received from Mindi! 

First Christmas wrapping I got to tear open haha :)

Gorgeous hand dyed floss from the Victorian Motto Shoppe, hand painted and decorated wooden container and beautiful Angel scissors!

An Advent Calendar!!! I never got one of these before this year. So naturally I opened it right away...
But then I had to catch up to the day I was suppose to be on of course!

Lovely trims and finishing materials!!!

Two HUGE christmas ornaments. Just the style I love too. I think my boyfriend admired them longer than me too haha - saying "They would look GREAT on our Victorian Style Tree next year!" Of course I couldn't help but agree! They are beautiful :)

Awesome Santa themed cross stitching charts! So MANY!!! WOW.

The Santa's in action on the tree :)

Love love love it allllllll!

Believe it or not I'm not done my Christmas Stitching! So I'm off now to spend the night in my stitching chair and will try and catch up on everything! Soooooo much to do!

Until next time!



  1. I'm so glad the Santa ornaments fit in with your style, it can be so hard to pick the right Santa out of so many choices. Sorry to read you had the flu, it seems like its horrible this year.

  2. I was just typing up a post about our exchange too! Do you mind if I use your pictures? I forgot to take one of mine before I sent it. I'll give you full credit of course. :)

    You really racked up!

    I'm so glad you're feeling better! I noticed that you were being rather quiet. Good to have you back!


  3. What wonderful Christmas Goodies! How nice for you!! Hope you get to feeling real good again, and get the stitching going! Hugs!

  4. What great ornaments both given and received, Melissa!

    This flu epidemic is horrid--my sister has it now and has been in bed for a week! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it bypasses me. Hope you feel 100% very soon :)

  5. Me too!....Still have stitching to finish. Love all those goodies and hope you're feeling great soon. i'll be back to see more great stitchin'.....(we had that rotten bug here too....and it wasn't fun...but we're both fine now) Take Care, Susie

  6. Take good care of yourself. The flu is just horrid! I do love all the ornaments!

  7. Beautiful exchanges!

    I'm glad you're feeling better, that bug going around is a real nasty one ~ everywhere it seems!

  8. Glad you are feeling better
    Very pretty exchanges ..all the ornaments are so cute x

  9. Glad to hear that you are on the mend.
    Lovely exchanges.

  10. Nice to know you're feeling better! What great exchanges! Plenty of beautiful (& yummy) goodies :)

  11. Great to hear you are feeling better now. Some lovely exchanges too :)

  12. I hope that your recovery is fast and you have your energy back soon!
    What amazing exchanges!

  13. Oh Melissa, I am sorry to hear you got that illness too! So many, everywhere! Take care.
    Wonderful exchanges. It is so nice when they work out well.

  14. Such lovely goodies, sent and received!

    I hope you will be fully recovered soon x

  15. Wow, they are all soo beautiful. All that you sent and received. Happy 2013 to you and lots of stitching

  16. Oh no...poor you Melissa. :0( I had a chest infection over Christmas and I was so ill I couldn't help feeling if I'd be left 'damaged' forever! I don't know how the body manages to heal itself! Anyway, I'm glad you're on the mend now. My NY resolution is to take better care of myself...I'm no spring chicken any more! Lol.
    Wow - your exchange from Mindi??? You were truly spoiled! Those Santas are something very special. I also love the 'Peace' scissor fobs you made. I particularly like how you finished them - so original.

  17. Wonderful goodies!! I do hope you are back to 100%!

  18. Hi

    Just found you.
    Gorgeous stitching and exchanges.
    Hope you feel ok now!

  19. It is nice to see that you are back. Sorry that you have been sick, but I glad that you feeling better. Love your exchange pieces. Hope you get back to stitching again soon. Take care.

  20. Your exchange pieces are all gorgeous! Wonderful finishing. I hope that you're feeling better by now!

  21. Glad you are feeling better. Your exchange pieces look great. I really love your Peace scissor fobs.


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