Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Case of Insomnia

Happy Sunday,

I had just the slightest case of insomnia not that long ago. Up all night and still bundles of energy at 4am. So what do I do with my time now that I'd exhausted the Newsfeed on Facebook, tweets on twitter (not that I have many), new posts on blogger, and just about all the local (aka real) news and all the gossip on all those celebrity news websites that we all hate to admit we love... not to mention my personal favourite at the moment - all the new job ads since my last check some 16hrs pervious.

Well for one, I edited my resume for an application that was due for the next day. Check. I didn't send it in right away, as didn't think the time stamp of 3:30am May 10th would be a welcome sight. I mean who normally stays up that late anyway??????? All I have are creepy answers - so I just waited until later in the  morning to send in the application. 

Another solution was to get in my car and drive. This 'I Can't Sleep' thing doesn't usually happen to me.  But between the house building and job hunting my mind feels like it has been on overdrive. I can't seem to shut it up! Some of it is me worrying, but mostly it's the wondering that keeps my brain up... I run through scenario after scenario of how the future might turn out. It's driving me nuts!!!! I like my sleep and my comfy bed :( 

So at 4:15 I shove on a pair of pants, a semi presentable top, my warm jacket for our chilly nights, and hopped in my little Fiat 500 and drove. 

First stop, Tim Hortons (all my fellow Canadians will understand why I had to do this... and I'm not even a coffee drinker). Through the drive-thru I went and 2 seconds later I emerged with my pipping hot tea in hand. "OK.... where next" I think to myself.... Despite the fact that it is clearly still dark out in this moment in time I did know "sunrise" (I use that term lightly when referring to St. John's) was no more than an hour away. So I decided to take the long way into town to see daybreak (the more appropriate term hehe) touch the sea and coast at the iconic Signal Hill. Now there is one thing you need to know about Signal Hill, besides the fact that it was the site of the first transatlantic signal transmission  right across the pond to merry England and a couple of battles). This one thing is that it's stone tower literally looms over the city and is visible throughout many many points in the city. Tres cool :) Funnily enough it looks so tiny up close yet looks so big from far away haha.

Here's a few pic's I snapped:

Looking out across the Atlantic and the most easterly point in North America!

Cabot Tower atop Signal Hill

A look at St. John's Harbour

Fort Amherst and a touch of fog still lingering.

Love the erieness of the early morning fog. 

Me fooling with some enhancements.


St. John's Harbour after sunrise.

Well I hope you've enjoyed the results of my early morning sleeplessness!

Until next time!



  1. Oh Melissa! It is so hard to stop worrying, I know. Hand it over to God.

    Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. Now go get some sleep! ;)

  2. Yup...hand it over to GOD...and don't worry..
    Sending you big hugs x

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos they are amazing.Been there with the house building and hope you get sorted with a job soon.

  4. Job worries can definitely keep you awake at night! Hoping things work out on that front soon! Enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

  5. Oh Such lovely pictures!
    I can't even imagine getting up and dressed and out and about at that hour. lol

  6. I do not get insomnia easy unless there is something that really bothers (or excites) me.
    Melissa, a whole night up and no stitching??? I hope you sent your resume on time.

  7. Gorgeous pics Melissa! I hope you get a better sleep soon.

  8. It's been a long time ~ but I remember doing some of those early mor ing type drives years ago. Beautiful pictures ~ sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. They bring back so many memories of our time in St. John's - Signal Hill was one of our favorite spots. And Tim Horton's was my daily stop after taking the dogs to the dog park. Our then youngest collie Huck (now he's the old guy) quickly learned that sticking his head out the window would likely win him a Timbit.

  10. of course I would have preferred you to sleep...but those pictures are so beautiful ....
    thank you for sharing them =)
    really hope you'll meet mister sandman soon

  11. Great pix but go and have some sleep!! xx

  12. Beautiful pictures! :D I hope you get some sleep soon

  13. Oh my dear Melissa! Insomnia can be a b****! Love your photos though and your Timmy's!! I really love the eerie photo...totally up my alley as I dig the fog. I'm sure this will pass and your worries will subside. Have you tried melatonin? It helps my hubby get to sleep during the daytime when he starts his graveyard shifts. That and some David's Tea "Mother Nature's Helper" (a Canadian company). Supposedly the natural ingredients in that tea help relax your body, not sure about the mind but the body gets really relaxed. Big hugs to you!

  14. Job hunting and building a house are both things that can keep your mind wandering from one to the other throughout the night. Hopefully it doesn't keep you awake too often. But these pictures are really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hope you manage to get some sleep soon. Your photographs are stunning.

  16. As a fellow Canadian, I know exactly why a pit stop at Timmie's was in order. I would have been there too!
    Thanks for sharing your photos. I loved the one of the harbour just before dawn.


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