Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Hiatus is Over

Happy Thursdays Darlings!

Well I have certainly taken quite the break. In fact I'm pretty sure I haven't touched a needle in almost 2 months or more. Well that has all changed. Nantucket has been waiting patiently for me and over the past couple of days I've slowly been filling out the house. Believe me looks are deceiving... there are TONS of little stitches in there. But it's looking good so far :) My mojo is back in gear people! (And yup that's the Career's section of the classifieds in the background...)

I also have to mention the spring exchange that I did a while back with Stitched with Love Exchanges. There were a couple of tense moments when the package I sent took quite a bit longer than expected to arrive, but everything turned out in the end - *whew*!

This is what I sent to June:

June picked rabbits as the theme of her package so I thought Mr. Peter Rabbit was very fitting. The original pattern didn't have a border but I thought it needed one so I added one myself :) 

And this is what I received from Dawn: 

I just loved all the little treasures she sent to me especially the cookie cutters and cake themed chart :) Right up my ally!
Apart from that, while I've had no luck on the job hunt so far, I have been MEGA busy. All I've done for the past month is house building prep. 3 weeks of which was burning all the brush and trees on the land that will hold our future home… painstaking would be an excellent word to describe this process. Luckily I didn't have to do the cutting, which my lovely boyfriend and father have been doing. 

My land!!!! It's all dug up now :) As you can probably tell it was the beginning of April when this photo was shot - STILL SNOW ON THE GROUND!
On Fi-ah!
Mr. Amazing at work :)
See I told ya I've been B-U-S-Y!

Well my lovelies, that's all for now. I've got a bit more to talk about but I'd better to save it until next time.

Lots of love,



  1. A great exchange! Welcome back, I guess you have been busy!!!

  2. I know how it is when you have so much going on. I hope you find a job soon, I'll be sending good thoughts your way. I know how job stress can bring you down....keep the faith, something will turn up.

    Just love Nantucket...have mine kitted up when I can find time to start it.

  3. Nice to read your post again Melissa! Lovely stitching update, great exchange & plenty of good luck for the job hunt & house built!! X

  4. a sweet exchange...
    lovely stitching project..sending you big hugs x

  5. Very cute exchanges, and hope your job hunt is going well, sending you good wishes for finding something!

  6. Sweet exchanges. Wow! That is busy!

  7. It must be so exciting to get started on your future house! But yeah, I imagine it would be super busy. Those are beautiful exchanges! :D

  8. Great to see you back. Your exchange for June looks great, the pretty border finished Peter off perfectly. The goodies you received in the exchange look lovely. Nantucket is coming along nicely, the colours are so pretty.

  9. Glad to hear that your stitching mojo came back. Congrats on a lovely exchange and good luck with constructions...

  10. Good to know thast your stitching mojo is back. And you are stitching on such a lovely piece. Oh well, houses are great to look at when stitched but the stitching itself can be a bit, hmm, boring.
    But your own house will be a different thing. Lots and lots of work ahead of you.
    Gerat exchnage pieces, both of them.

  11. Glad to hear you're back. And oh my word, Nantucket is looking amazing!

  12. It's so great to read a post from you Melissa...I've been wondering what's been going on in your part of Canada :D Your land looks great and thank goodness for your helpers! I hope the job hunt goes smoothly. I'm sure you will get a good job soon. Beautiful exchanges received and sent! I have a fondness for Peter Rabbit, well anything by Beatrix Potter!


  13. Super cute exchanges :D And yay for getting your stitching mojo back!

  14. what a super exchange
    I saw on June's blog your Peter rabbit, he is over cute !
    very well done and your frame is so great =D
    Hope your mojo is back for good =)
    good luck for the building....
    big hugs

  15. Great stitches and exchange pieces!!! How great that you have so much help with the building of your new home!

  16. Great progress on your sampler & the exchange pieces are gorgeous


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