Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Happy Wednesday everyone!!!

Change is one of those constant things in life. Some people like change and some people... well lets say 'fight it tooth and nail' all the way! I would say I'm in the middle ground. I like change well enough, but sometimes if it's a BIG change with lots of uncertainties it makes me nervous. My experience over the last few months however has been that no matter how big the change, everything works out for the better... now I've just got to start believing that.

One change I have to tell you about is... I've just signed up for a beginners Quilting Class!!! That right folks I'm broadening my crafty horizons! I'm not the best with a sew machine but I do know how to sew a (semi)-straight line. Over the past week or so I've been slowly collecting all that I might need to quilt. Cutting board [check!], rotary cutter [check!], fabric scissors stolen from my mother [check!] (hope you're not reading this mom!). There's still a couple more pieces of equipment that I need to get, so I'll pick one thing up every week until the first class. It'll be like picking up supplies for the school year! Building anticipation one purchase at a time :) I don't know too much about the class right now, but I do know 

Another BIG change that has been slowly creeping into my life is my house! Of course 'slowly' is a relative term... The boyfriend and I, dad, brother's and cousin's started building this back at the end of June and here we are today…

In the last 3 weeks we went from having no roof to having the roof completely sheeted in, shingled, windows in, some doors in, stairs on AND have started the exterior foam insulation and siding! PEWF! I even ventured up onto the scaffolding yesterday to help tyvek the exterior... a new brave accomplishment for me! Let's just say heights and Melissa are not two things that go together very well. 

I'd say we're trucking along at an excellent pace so far and are hoping to get in during the winter sometime, which is MUCH sooner than we had anticipated. Is it possible to be scared and excited all at the same time???? I'm terrified of all the new expenses we'll have but at the same time I cannot wait for a bit of independence. Talk about being conflicted about change!!!

Speaking of change how do you all like my new blog layout???? I've been working hard trying to fix some of the bugs and glitches and I've been very busy making it pretty yet fun all at the same time. Send me your thoughts! Like it? Hate it? Does something look like it doesn't work??? Let me know!




  1. Weeeee (I'm enjoying the changes on your blog) -LOL. I love the purple header how fun. Lots of changes for you. Love that you get to take your first quilting class and gathering the supplies is just like going back to school. I am so impressed how your home is beautifully coming along and quickly. So happy for you. Great new layout for your blog.
    love Annette

  2. Aww I love changes too and your blog is looking so sweet..
    So happy for you
    Sending you love
    Cucki x

  3. Your new blog layout looks great! I cannot believe how fast your house is coming along. Congrats! I'm one of those people that is pretty terrified of change, even if I know in my head that it's the right thing to do or I have no choice. :P

  4. Loving the purples on your blog page; clean lines...hmmm looks like a nice contemporary change. :) Holy Haddock! That house is coming along fast....good for you both and the family helpers. Can't wait to see your first quilt project... It is something I just could not pick up; my mother and Aunts quilt but I don't have the attention to details needed. Looks like you are ready to go.

  5. The new layout looks great!
    I hope that you enjoy your quilting class. The house is looking great. What an exciting time :)

  6. When you said changes you are serious. Change can be good. Like your blog look and the house is coming along. Enjoy your quilting class.

  7. Wow! How exciting Melissa! What color siding is it?

  8. I am really loving your blog too. Is it made with Blogger? Very easy to navigate and fancy!! Good luck with the beginners quilting classes. I wish I could come with you as I need help piecing mine together! Your house is looking amazing and just perfect :D Big hugs!!

  9. I am going to try quilting on a small wallhanging scale and also applique--maybe this weekend! Your house is coming along very nicely! It is an adventure, and I bet you have a blast with all that's left to do! Hugs!

  10. woooo, everything seems very exciting =)
    so great for quilting lessons !
    Can't wait to have your feedback and to see your quilting, sure it will be great
    you house is coming along fast...super =)
    you must be so impatient....
    have a great weekend
    big hugs

  11. Great new blog layout Melissa!!! More changes on your house, it's coming along so quickly... it will be a beautiful home :)

  12. Enjoy your quilting class & your house is looking great, it's really coming along

  13. Good luck with the quilting class ~ sounds fun! Your house looks great!

  14. Progress has been slow but it's worth the wait. It's nice to know that after three weeks of hard work, you've completed the roof, windows, and some doors. Is the construction finished? I can imagine how pretty your house will be. Anyway, I suggest you add a tarp to protect your roof from strong winds and heavy rains. :)

    Belia Saltzman @


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