Friday, March 28, 2014

Progress of the Non-crafty kind

Happy Friday!

***Warning, this is a picture heavy post... but then mine always are aren't they ;) ***

While I've been posting about my crafty progress of late, I've been neglecting the real progress that is literally happening in my backyard! 

Some of you may recall that I'm on my way to home ownership - an adventure that started back in June. Much blood (yes blood), sweat and tears later we're now in the home stretch! There have been bumps, scrapes and bruises, sweaty blistering hot days and bitterly cold days, and tons upon tons of wood and basically any kind of construction material you can possibly think of. 

I've been spending weekends, public holidays and vacation days doing this and that for the house. 

A couple of weeks ago, it was insulation, last week it was spray foam and over the last few days? Picking up gyprock and cleaning up the plastery dust that now covers the floor. So long golden wood, hello grey rock dust!

I've also just finished picking out paint colours!!! I love this part :) It took a few days of playing around and looking up ideas but here they are!

I think the last time I posted a housy update the house looked like this:

Boy! It has been a while since I last updated you all about the house!

Now she looks like this :)

Yup we've still got snow... and more on the way. Feels like a never ending winter!

Brother and newly minted Fiance on hand with ze dogs.
They're in what will be my living room!



Front Entrance

Bonus room! To be a crafty hobby studio :) Don't tell the hubby lol.
Cleaning up this mess it what I have to look forward to tonight!

Dining room after the gyprockers... lots of mess.

Front hall yet to get some gyprocking love!

Living room disaster area after the gyprockers!

Mom's cleaning helper...
or hindrance depending on how you look at it ;)


Future home owners... scared as hell but we put on a brave face :)

Lots of work done and lots more to come :)

Happy stitching everyone!



  1. Melissa, what an update!! Your house now look like a house :) I can't believe how HUGE it looks, it will be a wonderful home.

  2. So exciting!! I love your paint colors, they look so warm & inviting.

  3. Whew! I am tired just looking at this all. Great paint colors.

  4. It looks so lovely! This must be the most exciting time for you guys. Keep us updated! :D

  5. You have such a beautiful home! And I love the colours, tile and flooring. It's going to be great. Welcome to the mortgaged crowd!

  6. I cannot imagine all the decisions you're needing to make. We did all the painting for a couple who was having a house built, and they were going in circles some days. Things weren't being delivered on time or when they were delivered, they would be the correct item. The crews wouldn't be lined up properly, so you would have things going in first when they should be last. What a mess. Congratulations on your new and beautiful home though and I would say that you are indeed brave to do it. Once finished you'll love it and be able to relax and enjoy it. I love the colors you've chosen also. Lots of happiness and blessings ahead for you both for sure.

  7. Your new house is looking stunning, hope the clean up goes smoothly and you can get onto the fun of putting it together soon

  8. Very exciting!!! It's looking great. :)

  9. Wow wow wow :)
    what an update !
    fantastic. your house is going to be a wonderful nest for you both and the family you're going to create :)
    really happy for you, you're lovely on the last picture :)
    how exciting :)


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