Tuesday, May 20, 2014

These Pine Clad Hills of Mine

Happy Tuesday Folks!

Actually it's my Monday/Tuesday :) Back to work after an extra long weekend! 

As much as I like to complain about the weather here in Newfoundland (like today... rainnnnn, or the last two days of pea soup thick fogggggg), the beauty of this rugged land offers up some of the best scenery in the world. I know... cocky of me isn't it? ;) 

Despite having a miserable last few days weather wise, one day of stellar weather is enough to make you forget all about it! Saturday was this kind of day. 

Winds = negligible. This is huge deal considering they call this the "wind swept land". I won't deny it, trees along our coast not only grow in the most precarious of places (ie: on the side of cliffs) but they're also stumpily short and often grow sideways in the direction of the prevailing winds.

Temperature = ideal. Well ideal for a long walk/hike without dying from the heat. 20 degrees C is nearly unheard of this time of year, but it HAPPENED!

Climate = dry as a bone. No mucky puddles to be had!

So I took advantage of the wicked weather. Filled a bag with a couple bottles of water and a blanket, donned my old sneakers, hitched my dog up to her leash and off we went on a trip to Ferryland. 

As a child I can remember passing through this quaint community almost every weekend on the way to my Nan's cabin. Back then I knew it as "Fairy-land" and boy did that ever set my imagination to work. 

Newfoundland (NL) has many superstitions and the mythical fairies are just one of them.

I'm not talking about your run of the mill, whimsical, beautiful fairy here. More like your menacing, conniving, poltergeist type of fairy.  

When my mother was a child my Nan would give her breadcrumbs before she would go out over the barrens (the mossy-marshy-rocky mix you see above). The breadcrumbs were for the fairies so that if they ever wanted to "take her" (who knows were) she'd be able to give them to the fairies in exchange for her freedom. 

Now imagine telling that to a kid! I'd be scared out of my wits with fear! Perhaps this is why I'm such a homebody now ;) Who in their right mind would want to go outside with freaky fairies about????

Luckily, this perception of fairies in NL never coloured my liking for the community. It remains, as it ever was, a real life example of what NL is all about. The fishing heritage, the cultural heritage, and the iconic landscape NL has to offer. 

For whatever reason, I feel oddly connected to Ferryland. I can honestly say it's my favourite community in NL, and I have been to MANY. It's not special to me for any particular reason. It's not THE most beautiful place in the world or even the province, although it certainly has it's merits! I don't partake in the community. I don't attend church there. All I've ever done in Ferryland is take in a walk from time to time. I've probably made the trek back and forth to the lighthouse dozens of times. Each time is just as satisfying as the last no matter if it's in the thick of a fog, in the freezing ocean wind, or when the sun is splitting the rocks. 

It's just special. I can't give any other reason than that.

After getting my annual dose of Ferryland, I headed back to my family's cabin in a neighbouring community. 

Again, despite the weather for the remainder of the weekend, I had a blast. Relaxing, stitching, and making bread!!!! (Another favourite thing to do of mine).

This time it was rolls :) What's Sunday Turkey without dinner rolls!?!?

I love tying them up into neat little bundles of pure heaven! All you have to do is tear them open, toss in a little butter and there you have it... PERFECTION!

I'm always a little sad when it's time to leave. And who wouldn't be when this is right outside your door? 

You wouldn't know from this picture if it was spring or fall, but I can guarantee you, give it a couple of weeks and the juniper trees will have filled out, the birch will have sprouted a few leaves, and together with the pine, this will become a luscious landscape of green and blue.

Before I leave, I have to show you my stitchy progress! It was a productive weekend in more ways then one!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!



  1. Sweet pictures and beautiful stitching
    Love xx

  2. You live in such a beautiful place! So lovely. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Thanks for sharing your life and pictures with us all. Terry and I have been to Ferryland. It was in early August 2004, shortly before we returned home to the US. We took our then younger dog and walked out to the lighthouse where we bought sandwiches and drinks and sat outside watching a couple groups of whales. One of my most favorite memories of Newfoundland.

  4. ooOoo! You have been stitching! Awesome photos! PLEASE. PLEASE Melissa, may I have that roll recipe? We are bread fanatics here. Those look soooooooooo good!

  5. I just love the beautiful photos of the area. Plus the fairy story was fun. I agree, if my Mom told me that I would never have left home. Your bread looked so good! Plus some very nice stitching.

  6. The rolls look fantastic as does your stitching. May I please have the recipe? We are bread-o-holics around here too.

    Amy Varnell-Miller

  7. What a beautiful place! Your rolls look amazing! So does your stitching :)

  8. What a wonderful place! Such beautiful scenery.

    Lovely progress on your stitching.

  9. Beautiful pictures and scenery. :)

  10. What a beautiful post Melissa! I feel like I've stepped into your end of Canada :D I still need to try and make a Maritime trip at least once in my lifetime!! Those fairies sound scary and not like the ones I grew up believing in. We had a fairy tree (a big old oak tree) in the school yard that thrilled me every time I walked by...I had hoped to see them in there!! Love the benches. Which one do you sit in?! Hugs!!


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