Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Happy Tuesday!

Well I'm trying to be happy. That's kind of hard to do when you wake up to this:

We have a name for this kind of thing in Newfoundland. It's called Sheila's Brush. But BOY Sheila hasn't been too nice to us lowly Newfoundlanders of late. Normally she sticks to March to provide us with our last winter hur'rah! 

It wouldn't be so bad if it was actually Winter time. But nope, all we've had is horrible weather and freezing temps and a Winter that is hanging on with every tooth and nail she has left. 

It's kind of ironic to wake up to this white stuff when last night, for the first time in weeks, I got to sit down and stitch away on Santa's Magic. Santa, as much as I love the idea of magic, I didn't need it to bring me a helping of snow!!!

I've now started down the sleeve and things are certainly starting to take shape!!!

But wait... you didn't really think you'd make it out of this post without witnessing some DIY did you? I did a bit of a trade of last night. A bit of light work for the house in exchange for some quality stitching time.

Just after supper last night I whipped out my trusty latex gloves and a foam brush in anticipation of STAINING. Eeeek! 

To me staining is scary stuff. Once it's on it never comes off. And I'm not just talking about the wood variety of products.

As you can probably tell, my parents garage is filled to bursting with allllll my earthly belongings. One thing staining requires is lots of room to move. I didn't have luxury of that on this particular occasion. 

So I cleared what little room there was to be had and set to work. I have to say I'm prrrretty pleased with myself. LOOK at how awesome that looks. These leggy lengths of wood with very soon be incorporated into my very own DIY staircase project. Of all the things that we'll do for the house the kitchen cabinets and the stairs will be the hardest! But thankfully my father and brother have done this several times so we are in very capable hands :)

Until next time!



  1. Yea Melissa, I was able to make a comment!!! All your projects are looking great!! I hope nasty winter leaves soon!

  2. Oh dear...winter is coming here now :)
    Your stitching is so beautiful.
    Hugs x

  3. Wow! You have truly been picking up new talents this year!!

  4. That staining looks fantastic! And I will gladly trade your snow for our heat - it's already 38 degrees C here and it's only May! :D

  5. Seriously!! I am so sorry...we are struggling to stay above 50 degrees over here. :( Awesome staining!! Like a pro. Glad you got a little stitching time in.

  6. Ugh! What is that white crap!!
    Lovely stitching, I hope that you keep come momentum going!

  7. Sheila's brush has overstayed her welcome! Lovely stitching. WOW great job on staining.
    Sending you some of our sunny weather! love Annette

  8. Urgh, hope spring puts in an appearance soon.

    Santa's Magic looks great, glad you managed some stitching time


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