Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back on the Train! + a tiny problem

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Well after months of sparse stitching, I think I am finally FULLY back on the stitching train! All I can say it's about time. Between house building and constantly fighting the tendinitis in my wrist (which made stitching fairly painful after an extended stint in the stitching chair...) stitching has not really been a priority. Luckily, after a couple of months rest it seems that my wrist is finally getting back to normal... and the guys are currently roofing in the house - you will not see ME on that roof - so that means more time in the evenings than I've had in months!!!

I guess you could consider this as a mini-finish:

I've gone as far as I can until I get some more dark brown floss from 123stitch. I think I may have ran out of the required floss partly because I stitched on a higher count fabric than the model. Either way it was still agonizing to run out as I'm seriously one motif (a bird), the rest of the boarder around the word Nantucket, and a couple of finishing stitches away from putting this one in the 'Done' pile. 


So I moved onto my next (mini) project.

This is the 'North Pole Post Office' which is number three in the Santa's Village series by Country Cottage Needleworks. I'm stitching them all separately as I have vision of what I'm going to do with them in my new house... since there's 12 in the series that means I'm going to have to find 12 identical frames (GOOD LUCK WITH THAT haha). The best thing about this stitch is that it's fairly quick and you can see it come together in a flash. Very rewarding :)

I've also been thinking ahead to my next stitch... Santa's Magic. Not sure if I'll stitch this as a gift yet or keep it for myself. I guess it'll all depend on how easy the stitch is... however, since it's a Mirabilia I'm guessing it'll be fairly complicated. But I'm up for the challenge :)

There is one thing that is bothering me however with this chart - I've now sized it up several times... - and that is Santa's sleeve is empty of stitches for the most part, allowing you to tie in the colour of the linen with the overall design of the cross stitch. PROBLEM: the recommended fabric is called Desert Sand (which remarkable I have managed to find online) but it's yellow... very yellow. There are a few stitches you can see that complement the yellow fabric to shade in the said sleeve I was talking about earlier in the model picture. I don't like the fabric simply put. I can't imagine stitching on something so yellow and having it stand the test of time and still look good years from now. But how do I change the fabric colour so that I can alter the sleeve colours and still match Santa's hat????? What a conundrum! Please feel free to leave some suggestions because I don't think I can possibly decide what I can do without some input!

Model pic

Until next time!!!



  1. I love your Nantucket almost finish! So frustrating to run out of thread! I think we have all had that happen. Your new WIPS are so cute. That Santa is beautiful. Not sure you could use an off white?? You almost need the fabric and thread to see how they go together.

  2. Wonderful stitching... glad the house is progressing and your wrist is feeling better.

  3. I love the Nantucket piece! So glad you are back to some stitching ~ I wouldn't want to be up on the roof either!
    As for the Santa ~ how about one of the overdyed Lakeside or Picture This Plus fabrics? Something not completely yellow/golden, but with touches here and there? The girls at my LNS are good at picking substitute fabrics ~ you could always call them or another shop for help.

  4. Beautiful stitching..
    Me so glad that your wrist is getting better.
    Hugs x

  5. Welcome back, glad you have more time now :)
    Nantucket is a lovely finish.

  6. Nantucket looks great! Hopefully the thread doesn't take too long to arrive.

    It's great that your wrist is finally starting to feel better.

    As for Santa's Magic, I tried googling it, but there really aren't too many pics out there. It looks like a couple of people used lighter fabrics that have a more neutral tone and someone used natural linen. I think the lighter more neutral tone looked ok... maybe that's an option?

  7. Oh how exciting, the roof is going on!
    I am glad your wrist has been better.
    I like Catherine's ideas. ;)

  8. I stitched Santa years ago on the called for fabric and still love it. The color makes it look very old and regal if that is the look you like.

  9. Glad you're back and stitching again!

  10. Welcome back on the train! :D Your progress is looking great. Maybe go with a more beige fabric for Santa? That's the only thing I can think of :S

  11. Nantucket is lovely! I've yet to run out of a thread, knock on wood, but I'm sure that is very frustrating to have happen. Glad to hear your wrist is feeling better. I get tendinitis pains as well. Not fun at all. I have such a hard time ordering fabrics online. They are rarely the colour that I think they are. I did find though that on 123stitch, they have a DMC colour next to the fabric that is close to the hue the fabric is. I found that to be quite useful. I really wish we had more needlework stores in Canada. I'm surprised Vancouver has 0. None. Nada. Sometimes I order from Traditional Stitches and they are so helpful and I get my packages fairly fast too.

  12. I'm sorry you ran out of floss, so close to a finish! The Post Office in Santa's Village looks great, love that sparkly fabric! Of course you can find 12 frames online somewhere.

    Since you don't like the model fabric for Santa, why don't you find floss in that color to stitch his sleeve, then use whatever fabric you like for this design?

  13. Love your Nantucket. So annoying to run out of thread, isn't it? I have that design as well, as well as the Santa's Village series. Love your Mirabilia Santa but, sorry, I cannot think of a solution to your dilemma.

  14. Nantucket is going to be fantastic! Hope the threads arrive soon! Enjoy stitching again! During YOUR house-building respite! Hugs!

  15. Nantucket & Santa's Village are looking great, hope your thread turns up quickly

    Good news about the roof & your wrist

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