Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Welcome to the end of the month already!!! Unbelievable. Where has this month gone at all????

Well I think I have an idea what I have spent my time doing... stitching and house building of course! I can't believe it's been just a little more than a month since we started building our house and all our hard work, sweat and even some tears (from pain) have produced this:

Coming right along. We're in the process of trying to get the garage up in the void you see on the left hand side of the house. Many thanks to my family for being such hard working people. Who would have thought you'd be working your day job AND moonlighting as construction personnel in the evening/weekends ;) We're also stillllll waiting for the town council on some critical decisions so we are trying to do what we can until those decisions have been made. But, I'm afraid if there isn't some kind of decision soon then it may well hold up construction!!!! Grrrrrr town council why do you have to do everything so slow!!! 

On the stitchy side of things, I wonder if it's possible to legitimately have a happy dance for getting long awaited stash in the mail??? Legitimately or not I was dancin away when I opened the mail box to find my order from 123stitch had arrived! 

You can probably remember my lamenting that I had run out of the floss I needed to finish off Nantucket. Well here is the lone skein of floss in all it's glory:

But wait there's more - you didn't really think I would order only one skein of floss did you???? Given that the shipping costs have gone up considerably recently I've been putting off purchasing stash (which is probably not a bad thing) until I absolutely need it and get many things at once to justify the extra shipping costs.

I decided to purchase the first part of Little House Needleworks Mystery sample + all the goodies.

Doesn't that over dyed floss look delicious???? I absolutely love the colours and cannot wait to dig into this sampler while waiting for the fabric for Santa's Magic (yes I decided on a fabric!!!! Thanks for the suggestions everyone!!!!)

I also purchased a couple more charts, floss and buttons from the Santa's Village Series by CCN.

I've been really enjoying stitching these little houses up and cannot wait to have all 12 completed :)

Speaking of the Santa's Village, I'm very near a finish with the North Pole Post Office. 

Unfortunately I neglected to order the floss to finish to roof as I thought I already had it... which I didn't. So once I finish the snow flakes and top boarder it's off to the WIP pile for this one until I get a chance to order that floss. I should mention that I was going to simply use the DMC conversion for the roof, but I simply could not resist the lovely variegated floss that is suppose to be used... I know I'm a sucker for specialty items haha. 

Until next time my dears!



  1. Congratulations on the progress on your house! I hope those town council decisions come through soon for you.

    Good for you on your stash haul!

  2. Your house is coming along great!

    And yes, those flosses are all so delightful...super colors!

    I understand totally about ordering online... my (few) orders to 123 took terribly long. And now those shipping costs...ouch! But sometimes, when you really want/need something, you have no choice, huh?

  3. YAY for the house! We built our own and though it took what seemed FOREVER, it's so nice to be here.

    Beautiful flosses. Can't wait to see your progress with them.

  4. congratulations on the progress of your home..
    sweet stitching.
    love x

  5. I do hope you will get your positive answer soon form the council. Your home is starting to really take shape. I know the happy dance when something you've been waiting for comes in. Love your new LHN mystery project. Yes those color of threads are beautiful. love Annette

  6. Wow, the house looks amazing already!!! It will be fabulous when finished (which shouldn't take long, your "moonlight staff" is very proactive!) :)
    Love all your new stash of charts, fabric & yummy floss x

  7. Wow! The house is moving along! How exciting!
    Lovely new stash and Christmas Village stitching :)

  8. House building rocks! The best part of it is not just the construction, but the latitude to still fool around with the design. Like, for example, you don't need to settle with just one type of roof. You can muck it up, for added roof strength and aesthetic.

    Karen Walton

  9. Your house is looking good. Home building always seems to have some frustrations! Love the stitching stash!

  10. How exciting about your new home, Melissa--it looks wonderful already!

    Lovely new stash you've treated yourself, too, and I'm sure you'll have a finish in the North Pole Post Office very soon :)

  11. Wow, great progress on your house! And lovely stashing too - I know exactly what you mean about the shipping costs and trying to justify orders. :S

  12. Your house is already up, wow, what a progress since last time.
    I love the little retail therapy that you certainly needed as recompensation for all the work on the house. Enjoy the wonderful yarns and thenew charts.

  13. Your house is coming together really well.

    You got some great stash & Santa's Village is looking lovely

  14. The house is coming up beautifully.

    Lovely flosses. I did exactly the same - needed 1 skein of floss and ordered more :)

  15. Your home is coming along ~ I hope the council doesn't hold you up too much! Love all the stash too!

  16. Your house is going to be so beautiful. Lovely stash. I will have to start Santa's village too- I have the first month.yours looks fab

  17. great progress on you house
    you must be very very impatient =D
    lovely new stash you bought
    I also ordered 3 of the houses of the Santa's village...I think I won't make the 12 but I'll do some =)
    they are so sweet !
    enjoy sweetie
    big big hugs

  18. Time flies so fast, Melissa. I assume that construction is already done. What roofing materials did you use? Did you posta photo with a closer view of your roof?

    Noreen Saint @


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