Friday, July 12, 2013

It Has Begun!

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Well I'm happy and very proud to announce that after months and months of waiting and planning, our house building has begun!!! 

You hear about those horror stories where people have to fight with the town council... well yup that happened to me. After a month and a half of 'reasoning' with the town council we finally were able to get them on our side. That's a month and a half of building lost and agonizing over whether or not we'd have to change the plans of our house. BUT as the saying goes, if it ain't worth waiting for...

So the boyfriend and I and of course half the family (gotta love them right!) started in on the house a couple of weeks ago and I finally have some update pictures I can share with you. This past weekend was probably the hardest work yet. We were putting up walls on the first floor of house, this in fact is not the hard part... it was the mid 30 degree temps we were fighting with that made it so difficult. I had learned my lesson about wearing sun screen a couple of weeks ago after getting burnt to a crisp my first day on the job... but the brothers, the cousin, and the uncle didn't fair so well this time round with scorching sun. 

Footings down and ready for some walls!

First floor ready for some walls!!! What you see here is the product of
our Canada Day long weekend :)
The fam-jam doing their thing!!! PS: That wall was HEAVY!!! Felt like my
back was going to crack in half!
The bones of my dining room.
Father and Son and Son-in-Law bonding time???
First floor is up yeyeyeyeyeyey. Now for the second :)
Strangest thing about this all is that I'm actually having fun building my house. I remember building my brother's house a couple years ago was certainly not as entertaining to say the least. But then again, I'm not the one responsible for planning everything and making sure everything goes up right - that's my Dad's job and he's VERY good at it haha, no doubt that part of house building can be very stressful.  He's definitely the boss on site that's for sure. I would say I'm the catch all on site with people yelling commands at me like "Melissa, come hold this for me", "Melissa, go cut that piece of wood", "Melissa, I need more nails"... on and on and on it goes like this. But I'm happy with that because I think I'd be like a chicken with my head cut off if it weren't for the direction given to me from da boss. 

All in all so far so good - I'll be sure to update you as we make more progress :)

While I'm here I should mention that I actually have been stitching... albeit whilst half asleep at the end of construction days. I'm NEARLY done Nantucket but for one problem... I ran out of some of the hand dyed thread I was using... which means Nan is just going to have to stay unfinished for just a while longer while Mr.Mailman brings me more :)

Have a great weekend!!!!



  1. Hope you continue to enjoy building your home.It will be interesting to watch has we built our home with breeze blocks and shifting them was no fun i can tell you.

  2. Great building progress. Look forward to more pictures. Your stitching is looking good.

  3. Great progress on the building...your stitching is super cute.
    Big hugs x

  4. Your house looks great! I love that the whole family helps out. Bummer on running out of the thread ~ hope the dye lot is the same! It is a lovely piece.

  5. How exciting to be building your own house! It's looking good!

    Your WIP looks great. Hope you get that floss soon so you can complete your stitch.

  6. I'm so impressed with the house-building. We had a house built for us at one time...I went at the end of every day to see what they accomplished, LOL. That was the extent of my 'help'

  7. Wow, I can't believe you're building your own house! Can't happen over here - our houses are steel and concrete and super thick walls to protect from the scorching heat and sand storms. I'm in awe!

  8. How cool the family is building your house. You are a tough woman stitching after building all day. Have yet to obtain this sampler... love all the Colors in it. I need more stash like a hole in the head.

  9. W O W!!! Fabulous progress. I am soo impressed that you actually know how to cut a piece of wood. I sure don't. I am so happy for you Melissa.
    Such a blessing to have your dad in charge. What name is the color of your fabric for Nan? I am going to order the chart, and the coco linen is always sold out. Is that what you used coco? Beautiful stitching.
    love Annette

  10. Wow, this is lots of hard work! Good luck with it, I hope the worl goes smoothly and that you will enjoy your new home in no time ! :D

  11. Great progress on your house, I hope it continues to go smoothly.

    Nantucket is looking lovely, shame about the overdye

  12. how great =)
    I can understand your excitement as we had our house built 2 years ago now...
    that's so exciting (and tiring too but doesn't matter =D)
    great progress they did
    I'm happy for you

  13. Wow! Building your very own house with your family is amazing! I am in awe!

  14. Hooray for building your house! It's going to be fabulous once completed. I take my hat off to you and your family for building it!! Great little shot of Nan and hopefully that thread comes soon for you! Hugs!


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