Sunday, April 8, 2012

Grey Foggy Greetings

Welcome to my Blog!!! First post - WOW. I can't believe I'm doing this actually, but I love the idea of chronicling my progress on my cross stitching efforts as well as anything else that may pop up along the way. So here I am - now let's dive in!

It's another grey foggy day here in Newfoundland... which makes it the perfect day to do nothing. Laze around - cook the turkey for Easter Dinner (thankfully pre-stuffed... thank you Butterball for making my life easier :) ), do a bit of stitching, do some laundry. My two pups don't feel that way that's for sure. Meet Leia an Irish Setter and Blue and English Setter - they have got to be two of the most rambunctious pups on the face of the Earth and being only 4 months old respectively certainly does nothing if not make them more energetic. Quiet moments since welcoming them into the house have been few and far between, and nap time has got to be my favourite time of day. Being so young means puppy proofing just about everything, which I've been pretty successful at so far having only lost one pair of shoes and a belt to the critters. My current cross stitching effort has also (thus far) escaped the wandering noses and worse more the jaws of these two devils in disguise. Despite my nagging fear that one day I'll wake to a destroyed house, I am absolutely in love with these two dogs. LOVE. So playful and the unconditional love is so rewarding. The puppy stage is certainly not easy but the companionship far out-weights the negative - most of the time ;) Thankfully I care share the pup-sitting duties with the rest of my family. Being 26 and living at home does have it's perks at times...

Soon this will change with any luck and I'll be off on my own. In fact I'm considering building a house the old fashioned way - with my own two hands. No I'm not kidding. My Dad actually built all the houses we've lived in so far and we're putting the finishing touches on my brother's house now. I'm sure I may be getting in over my head but again this is a case were the positives out-weight the negatives and the short term pain I'll being through. I've got roughly 6 months to start getting my ducks in order, house plans, lot clearing, etc etc etc. Lots of decisions to be made from now and plenty of 'wait-and-see'ing to the start of MY house (god that sounds sooo good) so I'll be keeping ya posted!!!!

Now onto my current cross stitching project! This is my first project in quite sometime and I'm eager to see the final product. I'm planning on this being a Christmas Gift for my brother and girlfriend to go on the bare wall of their new house. I LOVE the designs of Lavender and Lace, there's something so elegant about them and the colours are so rich. In particular the boarder of 'Oh Christmas Tree' is simply gorgeous - but the gold floss I've been working with has been difficult to say the least. Enjoy the pic's!!!

Happy Easter - 'til next week!

- Melissa


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging friendships. I see that I am your first follower! You sound like a very ambitious young lady and that I like. Looking forward to seeing more of your project as it progresses.

  2. Thanks so much Gracie! I'm looking forward to learning a little more about blogging in general but also to get ideas and tips for stitching. As you can tell I'm quite excited :)

  3. That scene would look fabulous as stitched =D. Really pretty scene. I had one scene charted as a cross-stitch design and it took over 10 years to stitch. I did it slowly among other projects and I took couple of years break from it. It was awful. The lady who charted the design used two same symbols in black-white chart which I used. I did zillion stitches with wrong colour before I noticed (I used blue where should have been brown so I had to unpick those stitches). Then I had to check those stitches from colour chart so they would be correct. There were several areas with confetti stitches. There were 10x10 blocks where each stitch was with different colour! I will show this project later in my blog cause it is a gift. I thought it would look much better than what it did but I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to have it done!


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