Thursday, April 19, 2012

Red Velvet and Lots of 'Firsts'

This week certainly is not flying by like I want it to. Today feels like it should be friday and I've felt like this alllllll week. Why can't everyday be Friday??? I've spent this very long week exploring the world of blogging and the online cross stitch community. I can safely say that I'm officially addicted. I've gone on a cross stitching shopping spree purchasing a lovely friendship sampler from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe with the corresponding hand dyed floss. I cannot contain my excitement about this. It was my first time ever using ebay and paypal and Nancy at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe made the experience virtually painless! Thanks for the coaching Nancy! On top of this I've purchased 2 Nora Corbett fairies which should arrive any day now. The anticipation is killing me! AHHHHH! 

Another first I have to share is that I've joined the 24month (crazy) SAL by Papillon Creations - see the newsletter section if you're interested in joining or getting to know a bit more about it.

I the mean time I'm trucking along with 'Oh Christmas Tree'. Here's my progress as of Wednesday evening. I can just picture her dress being made of red velvet and oh-so smooth. 

I'm pretty well done with the red in the girl's dress - but I can honestly say I'm dreading starting on the other half of the tree. The top was so tedious that I'm not overly enthused about starting in on the green... ughhhhh. 

You may have noticed by now that these pic's are sooooooooo much better than my previous ones. I'd like to introduce 'Shella' my new camera to facilitate my cross stitching and blog obsession. Of course this is not the only reason I bought the camera... I think haha.

And now for the mandatory cute puppy pic of the day. I snapped this yesterday evening as I was cooking on the BBQ on the deck outside. Leia was quite content to be lazy and regal all at the same time in the doorway, and right under my feet... and enjoying every moment of the breeze. So darn cute! 

(ADDED) I NEARLY FORGOT! I wanted to express my thanks for all the lovely comments on my last post :) For those trying out the biscuits I'd love to know how it went!


  1. Hey Melissa! It should definitely be Friday already.
    It is amazing what is available to cross stitch. I am always inspired to get a new project or excited when I find a new designer on the blogs.
    Your progress is looking great :) Maybe the second half of the tree will be easier :)
    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Hi Melissa

    You have caught the blog bug - the more blogs you read, the more lovely designs you see and then you just gotta buy them (:

    Your Wip is looking great but I can see why the tree could be tedious. Love the little girl though.
    Gorgeous pic of Leia, she's one good looking puppy!

  3. Beautiful progress on Oh Christmas Tree. I can understand why the tree would be tedious. Looks like there's lots of different greens in there.

    Lovely photo of Leia. She is beautiful.

  4. Well Leia is just gorgeous. :) Lovely stitching.

  5. Beautiful stitching and this blogging thing is very addictive.

  6. Your Christmas project is just beautiful!! Your camera inspires me. I have a terrible time photographing cross stitch. The colors are nowhere near accurate,maybe I need a new camera. Oh and such a sweet looking dog!

  7. Oh how exciting! I've never ordered anything cross stitch related off the internet before. Since I don't live anywhere near a specialty shop, I guess I'll have to soon. :)

    You've made great progress on the girl's dress! I know what you mean about dreading a certain section....not a good feeling.

    Congrats on the new camera!

    I made the biscuits for dinner tonight, and they were AMAZING!! My family kept going on and on and on about how good they were! So thank you for the wonderful recipe!!! I will be making these quite often. :)

    Leia is so cute! I love her coat color!

    Have a good night!

  8. Beautiful stitching on Christmas Tree. Hehehe... Online shopping can be rather addictive too... I should know. Only down side is the wait for the items to arrive. You have a new camera. Congrats! :D I need to upgrade mine soon... I've been using it for about seven years now. Leia is adorable.


  9. Glad to hear you're addicted! The cross stitching community is just wonderful, isn't it? SO EXCITED about your firsts! I'm eyeing Nora Corbett's "Bluebell" myself!

    1. !!!! I just received that pattern in the mail!!!!

  10. It's a wonderful addiction isn't it? :) Trees can be a little tedious, but you are making beautiful progress! Congratulations on the new camera. Leia does look quite regal and so pretty! :)

  11. Great stitches, congrats on the new camera, and what a cute puppy shot!


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