Sunday, April 15, 2012

Time Crunch

Before I get into the meat of this post I just want to welcome all my new followers! My first week blogging has flown by and I've been amazed at the response and interest so far. I've also had a blast starting to get to know the cross stitching community here and I can't wait to participate in some SALs and pump out some RAKs ;)

Now down to business!

I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling the time crunch lately. Not enough time to do what I love and not enough time to do what I HAVE to do. AH WELL. C'est la vie! 

Despite this I found sometime this week to make some progress on my current WIP "Oh Christmas Tree". I have a couple of pictures here, I couldn't resist taking a couple photo's of the shadows in the afternoon light. I actually just meant to take advantage of the light but I LOVE the affect. You'll notice that the darker photo has a bit more progress in the dress as it was taken later this evening. I'm really happy with the progress I made this week especially considering how busy I was. I took every spare opportunity to stitch!!!

I apologize for the poor quality photos but I think I'll be buying a new camera to make better pics.

I also got a bit of time in on Saturday morning to make one of my favourite things - Fluffy Homestyle Biscuits. These are just to die for! I hardly have them out of the oven long enough to hit the cooling rack before they're snatched up by my family. The dough doesn't look all that appetizing but the final product is amazing.

For those who would like to give this recipe a try I've summarized it below:

Fluffy Homestyle Biscuits

2 cups of Flour
4 tbls of Butter (about 1/4 cup of butter chilled and cubed)
4 tsp of Baking Powder
1/4 tsp of Baking Soda
1/4 tsp of Salt
1 cup of Milk
1 tsp of Vinegar

Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

Mix all dry ingredients together. Add cubed butter and then mix until crumbly (it's best to get your hands dirty for this part and mush it up with your hands until the butter is incorporated). 

Measure out the milk and then add the vinegar and stir. This is considered a buttermilk substitute. I did try buttermilk once in this recipe but I found it made the biscuits heavy and affected the fluffiness. 

Make a well in the flour and then add the milk/vinegar mixture. Stir until fully combined, but do not over work the dough.

On a lightly floured surface dump out the dough and sprinkle a little more flour on that. Fold 4-6 times and then roll it out to the thickness of roughly a 3/4 inch. Use your discretion here - as big or small as you like. Then cut out rounds with a floured drinking glass. Place the rounds on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper and then pop them in the oven. 

Bake for roughly 10-12mins until the edges begin to become golden brown. 

On final note I've included some cute puppy pics of Blue (black and white) and Leia (red/brown).

 As you can probably tell Blue is a real instigator and Leia follows the leader. They are the true inhibitors when it comes to getting my cross stitching done at times. But I love them sooooooo much :)

Happy Stitching All!


  1. You've made some good progress on the dress. I love the colors!
    I have saved your recipe, and hope to try it within the week. :)
    Your puppies are adorable!! I just wanna squeeze em'!!!!
    This is random, but we have a stray bloodhound (whom we named Blue also) that comes to our house at midnight (no joke!), sits outside our back door, and howls. :P
    Have a good week!


    1. Thanks McKenna :)

      Why does your Blue choose your house??? Hope he's not interrupting your sleep too much lol. I love dogs, especially big ones for some reason.

      Have a good week yourself! PS: love the new profile pick!

    2. Umm probably because we give him treats whenever he comes during the day. LOL! :D I'm a little dog person, but big ones are growing on me.

      Thank you!

  2. Hi Melissa

    great progress on Oh Christmas Tree, it's looking lovely.
    Those biscuits look lovely - thanks for the recipe.
    Lovely photos of your dogs, they are so cute.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Enjoyed reading your blog.
    Cute dogs.Would you believe i think i have only seen 1 Irish Red Setter since living in Ireland,but by neighbour in the UK kept 2.
    Great progress on Christmas Tree too.
    Would you believe that as i am writing to you,i just got mail from you. :)

    1. In fact Leia is our second all red Irish Setter (although she has a little white patch on her chest - soooo cute).

      I would LOVE to visit Ireland one of these day, it's on my offical to-do list. In fact many people here in Newfoundland consider themselves quiet Irish as most of us have some sort of Irish heritage (I myself have English and Irish heritage). Makes for an interesting St.Patrick's Day - which is one hell of a holiday here. In fact some like to think we have a "slight" Irish accent and we have countless crazy sayings. Actually my high school Art teacher (a Kavanagh no less) was from probably the most Irish community on the Island and did she ever have a wicked accent. Oh and I wake up every Sunday morning and put on "Jigs and Reels" which is a radio show on the local station that plays traditional Irish and Newfoundland music. My favourites include Galway Shawl, I had a Hat, salt water joys... the list could go on forever!

  4. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for following my blog, I'm real happy to return the favour, I love new blogs to read and inspire me.
    Congrats on the blog award and Blue and Leia are so cute, love seeing them. Thanks for the recipe, I'm always on the hunt for yummy baked goodies lol.
    Oh Christmas Tree is looking wonderful and your making great progress on it.
    Welcome to the land of blogging and as you say its a wonderfl way of keeping track of all your projects and its a great supportive community as I'm sure you'll find out.

  5. Thanks for joining my blog! :o) And welcome to the Blogger world of the stitchers! :o)


  6. I've always loved the piece you're working on, Melissa :) I've had it in my stash forever--maybe seeing your finish will inspire me :)

    Those biscuits look like the same kind my dear grandmother used to make for her strawberry shortcake recipe... Your photo brought back some wonderful memories!

  7. Hi Melissa. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to following yours.

  8. Hi melissa! Just wanted to welcome you to the blogging world. So many followers already! I haven't been too active but hoping to change that today.
    Love, love your Christmas piece and can really see your progress. And thanks for the bisquit recipe. Will have to try it....really.

  9. A little late, but I wanted to welcome you to blogging. I just found your blog through another blog. :) What a pretty piece you are working on! Your biscuits look delicious. Blue and Leia are so sweet! :)

  10. So enjoyed reading your posts Melissa and what a beautiful part of the world you live in. Thanks for coming by my Wee Hoose and leaving a lovely comment. Yummy biscuits (scones here in Scotland), thanks for the recipe.
    Your Christmas piece is looking lovely. Happy Stitching!

  11. Milessa: I love your work in progress, I look forward to th finished project, the recipe I will try this week-end.
    I love the pictures of your dogs they are so cute.

    I am a follower now.
    Thank-you for joing my blog.

  12. Hi Melissa,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog and becoming a follower. You live in a picturesque part of the world.
    I have a few Beatrix Potter patterns in UK magazines which I could pass on to you


  13. Good morning Melissa...I am delighted that stumbled upon my wee blog, and joined as a follower! I hope that you enjoyed your visit and shall return again soon.
    I shall look forward to visiting your corner of the world frequently, and ogling the progress of your needlework...lovely!
    Thank you for the yummy biscuit recipe...I shall bake a batch this very day. They shall be splendid with a bit of butter and honey.
    Wishing you a lovely day!
    Warm smiles...

  14. Welcome to the blogging world, Melissa. I've added you to my Google Reader.

    You've made wonderful progress on Oh Christmas Tree. It's beautiful. Your puppies are so adorable too.


  15. What a sweet piece you a stitching on. Oh my, those biscuits look yummy! Love the pics of the pups ~ so cute!


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