Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend up to da Cabin


Pre-warning, a very picture heavy post upcoming.

Thank you EVERYONE for the very kind comments on my last post and welcome to my new followers :)

I didn't hermit much this weekend as I had plans to go to my cabin with the family. What a great weekend it was! The weather co-operated, and has been strangely warm this past week. Generally it's not that warm in April here, but it has just been fantastic lately. So of course I had to take advantage of this luck!

View from my Cabin's Balcony
The trees and shrubs haven't quite come back to life but it's getting there! Saturday the boyfriend and I went for the most fabulous walk to the lighthouse in Ferryland. Honestly, of all the small fishing communities left in the Newfoundland this community is my favourite. The lighthouse stands on a strip of land (and rock) the juts out into the ocean. The views are un-beatable and I love sitting on the barrens and taking it all in. In the summer, if you're lucky, you can even see hump back whales. I once saw one so close to shore here that I could even see the barnacles on the whale's back. CRAZY! Such an awesome sight. Below you'll find some of my pic's from the outing :)

Ferryland Lighthouse

The boyfriend and I admiring the swells

Leia enjoying the barrens, soon she'll be hunting on barrens like this!!!

Fluked into this pic... puppies generally don't stay still for very long.
Found the most adorable lambs and their shaggy looking mama :) Couldn't help myself hehe

Back at the cabin, I got two of my favourite things in... cooking and stitching. 

Newfie chic BBQ

Warmest place in the cabin = the best place to have bread rise!

In terms of stitching, I worked mostly on the small below - so cute! The backstitching was painstaking and it took a whole lot longer than expected but all for a good cause. It's a card for Ellie Dixon - a young girl in Ireland going through something no little girl should have to... 18 months of chemo!!! But she seems so brave about it all! Anyway sending this off tomorrow. Ellie's mom has created the blog site called Cards for Ellie if you're interested in learning more about Ellie and what makes this girl so amazing.

I soooooo needed a break from 'Oh Christmas Tree' so I concentrated my stitching efforts on my Papillon SAL. I am absolutely loving learning the speciality stitches this SAL has introduced so far. Also this represents my first attempt at using evenweave! Likin' it so far. The fabric is a pleasure to work with and is 28ct Irish Linen. 

Finally, I'll leave you with my TUSAL update for April! Love the reds and golds!!!

Happy Stitching my dears!


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. That is a part of the world we have not visited. It looks like a place we would enjoy! Your stitch projects look great! I will go to the website for that little girl.

  2. Beautiful photos, Melissa. The sea looks so unbelievably blue. The lambs are so cute. Congrats on stitching such a lovely card. Glad to hear you're enjoying stitching on linen. There's no going back now :)


  3. You lucky thing having a cabin in such a great location.I would love to live by the sea and be able to see the waves come rolling in.

    Papillon and your card look great.

  4. Amazing photos and wonderful landscape. Your project is very cute. Congrats


  5. Fab card for Ellie . I love your pictures ,what great views .x

  6. Beautiful pics!
    Lovely stitching too :)

  7. Great pictures, the scenery is gorgeous. Your finish is very cute and just what a little girl would love. Your SAL is looking great. Once your start on evenweave/linen you tend not to go back.

  8. Thanks for sharing your world with us Melissa. :)

  9. What lovely photos Melissa! I dream of visiting NFLD!!! I can't believe you saw a humpback whale! So cool!!!

  10. Hi there Melissa...what a great place to relax and unwind. And Cook and Eat and STITCH! LOL Glad you came by to see me, I found another great blog to stalk. XP The work I've seen so far that you've done is great. I also am new to evenweave, it is a rather nice fabric to work with. I'm looking forward to what else you do. ;)

  11. Melissa it seems you have the perfect get-away spot, maybe some day I'll get to see that part of the world. Your finish is perfect. Your start on the SAL is looking good, it has been so much fun to stitch you will love it.

  12. What a gorgeous part of the world, Melissa--thanks for sharing! Especially love the photos of the lambs :)

  13. Wow, I'm a little envious of your cabin! :) And the scenery is beautiful there. What a sweet card you made for Ellie. Lovely stitching on your SAL piece too!

  14. What beautiful photos! Makes me feel like I have been away too! :)
    Great stitchings too... love your new start on the Papillon SAL.

  15. Your pictures look lovely! The card is beautiful. I guess Ellie will be thrilled with it. I love the update on your SAL. It is really exciting to learn all the new stitches. This weekend I'm going to start on mine too!

  16. Hi Melissa. I've been to the east coast but have not made it up to Newfoundland yet. The scenery is amazing, can't wait to go!
    Lovely stitching, looking forward to more!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your pics from the weekend. You really live in a beautiful place. I really love the lighthouse and I am a big sheep/lamb lover!
    Great stitches ~ and thanks for sharing the link to Ellie's story.

  18. Oh my, oh my, I can't get enough of these pictures. What a scenery, so beautiful!
    Very nice stitching projects.

  19. Beautiful photos of your weekend away. I could totally see myself living there!

    Cute card for Ellie. I'm going to check out her website when I'm done here.

    Pretty colors in your TUSAL, and your SAL has a great start. :)


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