Monday, June 18, 2012

Gardening Adventures and IHSW Progress

Welcome to another Monday everyone :)

While I wish the weekend was just a tad longer, I'm not a Monday hater. I love starting off the week on Monday, generally feeling refreshed and ready for another week of work and hobbies. 

First things first, MY GIVEAWAY ends TOMORROW! So if you haven't entered yourself already get over to the post and pop your name into the draw. While I only have one biscornu up for grabs I'll be having a couple more 'runner-up' winners.

So what's on the menu this week you ask? Gardening for one! Vegetable Gardening to be precise. It may seem kinda late for those of you blessed with a more hospitable climate, but here... well let's just say Saturday night we had a frost warning. I'm beginning to forget what a normal Summer actually feels like. We're heading into July soon enough and have only just begun reaching days of 15+ degrees but the weekends still remain 'shitty' for the lack of a better word. Cold, rain, drizzle, fog, etc. The only good days we seem to have (like today) are spent inside at work, typing away at my desk. It's down right infuriating, especially given that all I want is a real summer to make up for last summer! June of 2011 was dubbed June-uary, you can just guess what that entailed... You can even buy shirts that say 'I survived June-uary 2011'. YES, it was that bad!

I'm particularly anxious for some good weather because I'll be house sitting for the next couple of weeks starting Wednesday for a friend of mine who actually has a pool... heated... in Newfoundland! This is a true rarity. I've only known 2 other people (by association) to have had a pool here. I want to be able to take advantage of the glistening water just outside the door, but have to have some sun or I might come out an icicle. So here's my wish and prayer that Mother Nature might give us old Newfs a few good days!

Back to Gardening. Myself and the BF have been preparing the two veggie beds over the last couple of weeks to make ready for their 2nd year. The last stage... BUNNY proofing! I used to love bunnies, I really did. But what few veggies that survived last year's awful summer, were gobbled up by slugs and those menacing bunny rabbits. I snapped this picture last week... I'm sorry, but 'it' looks down right scary! Those are the eyes of the devil I swear! YIKES. Getting the creeps just looking at it.

The Devil Incarnate 

So Bunny Proofing is in full swing and now our beds are ready to welcome some seeds and some squash plants, without the fear of being eaten prematurely.

butternut squash plant

The low hanging branches of the evergreen trees just love my hair!

While out shopping for Bunny Proofing Supplies we also took the opportunity to pick up a bird house and seeds. We have a few chickadees that frequent our little koy pond to splash around so I hope they will enjoy a bit of food too :) Hopefully I'll have some bird photo's to share soon with any luck. I also hope the devil bunnies will be more attracted to the bird seed that falls to the ground than my garden beds. 

In Stitching news - IHSW was not as successful as I had hoped but I did get a far bit done and am now in the HOME STRETCH! Only 3.5 blocks left to complete and I'll have the Friendship Sampler completed!!!! YEY. A Happy Dance is on the horizon. 

I also have to complete my stitched piece for my exchange this week so Friendship Sampler may take a back seat. 

That's all for now folks!



  1. You're almost done with the Friendship Sampler! Happy dancing is just around the corner.

    Gosh you are having worse weather than we are then if you are just starting a garden now! I hope the weather warms up soon and you can enjoy "pool-sitting"!

  2. Lovely pictures from your garden!

    The friendship sampler is just fabulous and almost done.

    I am looking forward to seeing the winner of your first giveaway!

    Wish you a great week!

  3. Sending some warm weather your way! That is a scary looking rabbit!!

  4. Your Friendship Sampler looks great. Good luck with the bunny proofing - here it's deer!

  5. Frienship Sampler is looking great. Heres hoping for some warmer weather not only for you but for your veggies. And yes that Bunny does look a bit CRAZED! Probably because you are banning him from the garden LOL

    Take Care

  6. Great stitching, and what a lovely garden. Very well bunny-proofed. :)

  7. how can such a cute bunny be the devil in disguise =)
    I can understand how you feel after his visit =(
    lovely garden anyway

  8. ohhh well done on the bunny proofing ... hope it works .. looking forward to seeing some birdie photos that house is fab :)
    and you are doing well with your friendship sampler too :)
    love mouse xxxxx

  9. Good luck with the rabbit. Your stitching looks great!!

  10. Your garden looks lovely. Good lucky with bunny proofing it. Almost there with Friendship Sampler.


  11. Oohhhh.....that bunny looks crazed! Your garden looks well fortified!
    Your stitches look lovely ~ it's such a sweet piece.
    Hope you get your pool time in!

  12. Beautiful pictures from your garden and lovely stitching :)


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