Friday, June 8, 2012


Happy Friday everyone :)

Last night was our last night with this little fella... Blue. He's off to live with his rightful owners - my brother and his girlfriend in a brand new house that they've just moved into. 

I have to admit it was VERY sad to see him go and I'll tell ya I may be crying just a little bit right now. Oh how easy it is to get attached to animals... Luckily he'll be living just down the street and around the corner from us, no more than a 5 minute walk. This is a perfect excuse to visit... of course my brother will think I'm visiting him when in actual fact I'm visiting his little puppy!!! PERFECT hehe. Of course I'm joking (maybe...). I just hope my little pup, Leia, will not be too sad because she really is losing her brother - they've been together since birth pretty much. I see many a puppy date in the future!


I have to move on to something else...

I was so VERY surprised to find the mail man had delivered this to the mail box yesterday evening!!!! 

So carefully and lovingly wrapped!

YUP! It's an exchange package all the way from my exchange partner in the UK!!! So crazy to received such love from all the way across the pond! YEY!!! I was so excited I could hardly wait to open it. 

And here's the stitched piece! Lovely isn't it! And very appropriate for the weather we have been having alllllll week... it's still raining now. Not only is the stitching perfectly divine, the fabric has hint of sparkles throughout and the bead work on the trim is amazing!!! I'll have to  give it a try. 


It was even personalized on the back! So I only have 2 clues as to who this person may be. Her initials CR and I know she's from the UK. Boy would I ever love to know who it is! It's just KILLING ME! I'd say thank you to my mystery partner right now but there's MORE!!!!!

A wack of gorgeous floss, a beautiful skein of green variegated floss,  2 packs of mill hill beads, a magazine (which I LOVE - I just subscribed digitally, but do not have this edition!!!), a beautiful birdie fridge magnet, needles and needlebook from Natelye's Needle Creations (spelling?), the chart for Earth Goddess by Joan Elliot that I've had my eye on forever!!!!, and THE most sweetest card ever!!! She had to do some wicked detective work, because I didn't put much down the the survey - it being my first one :) So koodo's and MANY thanks to my AMAZING exchange partner!!!!!  

Finally before I take leave - here's where I'm at with my friendship sampler.

Almost 1/3 of the way done!!!! I'm praying that I don't run out of floss....

I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! (frantabulous = fantastic and fabulous all mushed up... just in case my made-up words confuse anyone.)



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  1. I'm sorry you had to say goodbye. He's a doll! Please email me or comment on my blog telling me what kind so dog he is. I think our April pup is some type of spaniel.

    Nice exchange items! Love love it all!!

  2. What beautiful gifts, very generous of CR.
    The sampler looks beautiful, all my favorite colors :)

  3. Phew, I thought he was put down ( I did know he was leaving but I forgot until I read it again ). It's sad to lose a pet but at least you'll see him often. Or. Gives you an excuse to get another one. Lol.
    Love the package of goodies you received. It's my first one too, very excited for it to arrive. Enjoy!

  4. Your house will be awfully quiet without Blue--glad he lives so closeby, though... What a great package from the UK! I just love that PS finish she sent.

    Your sampler is so pretty, Melissa--wonderful stitching!

  5. You were pretty lucky to receive such beautiful gifts and your sampler is coming along great. With Blue moving around the corner you and Leia have a great excuse to go for walks each day.

  6. Exchanges themselves are so much funr, but a mystery that is special. Very nice package. I really like the way your sampler is looking....

  7. Sure your house will be quit without 'Blue',
    it's true we love our pets...
    Great this ps finish!!!
    The sampler is very pretty!

    eljardidnemiduende ^^

  8. awww at least he isn't going too far away ...

    gorgeous gifts you received .. she really must have done some snooping around heheheh :)

    your sampler is gorgeous and I hope you don't run out of thread .... love mouse xxxx

  9. ho my ! What an exchange !! I love exchanges
    You've been really blessed with this one
    You received wonderful gifts and I can understand how happy you are =)
    Hope you can solve the mystery of the sender
    it's not me =)
    big hugs from France

  10. Sorry the pup is leaving but it sounds like you can look forward to lots of wonderful visits.
    The exchange is lovely. I love the piece she stitched for you.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. Isn't he a cutie. Glad to hear he is still in the family; we know who will be asked to dog sit. I see sleep overs in the future, hehehe. Lovely exchange goodies, feeling the pain of rain ourselves in Maine. Wow did not mean to be so rhymey.:-)

  12. It will seem quiet without the dog, but just think of the good things, no more constant hoovering up of dogs hair no more muddy paw prints! Did I hear you say you don't care about that? I'm now on my 3rd exchange and I agree it's great fun.

  13. Melissa your house will be easy without Blue. The pets are a love.
    The sampler is very beautiful.

  14. Aww. Bye bye Blue :( I can see why you would be so sad. He's adorable! Luckily he's close by for a quick visit and a hug!

    Gorgeous exchange piece you received! Love it!! Your sampler is coming along as well. I really love this design!!


  15. I'm su your home feels a little emptier now. But on the bright side, at least he's close enough to visit often!
    Lovely gifts and stitches.

  16. What a lovely exchange ooooh and the suspense of who sent it would kill me too!

  17. Aww... Hopefully Leia will be able to adjust not having her brother around 24/7 anymore.

    Lovely exchange you've received. Earth Goddess is the prettiest design. So will you be stitching her soon? ^.^

    Friendship Sampler is looking great!



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