Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Update

Hi Folks!

Welcome to all my new followers and thank you all for your kind comments :) I seemed to have gained quite a few new followers in the last couple of weeks so if I'm not following your blog currently please drop a comment here with the url to your blog! I try my best to follow you all but sometimes blogger doesn't co-operate with me when I click on your pic looking for your blog!!! 

I just wanted to give you all a quick update today on the progress I've been making with my Friendship Sampler. 

Most recent section completed!

I'm now more than halfway done!!! I hope to get this piece completed over the next couple of weeks and then off to the framer she'll go. In the mean time I do have to complete my next exchange!!! YIKES I'm such a procrastinator!!!! But I've really been putting all my spare time into my Friendship Sampler so stitching time for other projects has been rather sparse. Even my Papillon SAL (which I love dearly) has gone untouched and soon enough the 3rd part will be revealed!!!! 

Hopefully I'll get some more stitching time in on other things soon, just so you all won't be bored with just seeing the Friendship Sampler allllllll the time. We all need a bit of variety in life to spice things up every once in a while.

Before I sign off for the day here's a pic of my lovely Leia! She's been doing alright since here buddy Blue left us... just a little depressed a times I think. She misses her play buddy. Tomorrow she goes in to get spayed!!! I remember this from when we had our last dog and I'm worried for her. Such a big operation :( So tonight is 'Smother Leia with Love Night'!

Ciao for now and Happy Stitching Everyone!!!!



  1. The Friendship Samplar is coming along nicely. Hope Miss Leia recoups quickly...

  2. ooo well done on the sampler ... i've got as far as a floss toss for the pappillion sal
    and awwww she is lovely and hope she feels better soon after her op :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Such a pretty sampler. Smooches for Leia...hope all goes well and she has a speedy recovery.

  4. Hugs to the beautiful baby, mine goes in next week for hers. Beautiful stitching.

  5. Your friendship sampler is coming along nicely. I do like the cheery colors. Best to Leia. She is a pretty girl.

  6. The sampler and Leia are both wonderful!

  7. Your sampler is really pretty. Happy thoughts for Leia.


  8. Leia's eyes are so expressive...
    Sure everything will be OK with the operation
    give us news =)
    congrats for your Friendship sampler, it's really becoming pretty
    happy stitching
    hugs from France

  9. The sampler is very pretty as well as Leia!
    Hope she will be alright after operation and will heal quickly!

  10. Your Friendship sampler looks great, congratulations on hitting the halfway point.
    Thinking of Leia today :)

  11. I just love the colours in your sampler. We are all nuts about our pets, and why not, they give us such love and they don't answer back. I hope all goes well

  12. Your work is coming along beautifully and Leia is such a beautiful dog!

    My blog is :)

    Emma x

  13. Hi Melissa

    Your Friendship Sampler is looking lovely!
    Hope Leia recovers from her op quickly. She's a sweetie.
    Happy weekend!

  14. Beautiful progress on your sampler Melissa!! Aw poor Leia! I am giving her some doggie hugs from the westcoast!!

  15. i love the colours int eh friendship sampler, looking forward to seeing the rest, adorable dog you have to! I hope she recovers soon

  16. your friendship sampler is coming along beautifully
    love the picture of Leia she is so cute, I hope her op goes well, and she has a quick recovery x

  17. Aww... Poor Leia. Please give her lots of hugs from me. Great going on Friendship Sampler.



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