Thursday, June 7, 2012

quote... "Graduation"... unquote


Hello from a VERY wet Newfoundland and welcome to the Merry Month of JUNE!!! 

Also, a warm welcome and thanks to all my followers, new and old :)

This past weekend I had my belated belated belated Graduation Party and BOY! was it ever a blast. I received my diploma in the mail just over two weeks ago so I thought it was about time I get to celebrate my graduation, despite not being able to attend the actual ceremony way back when. Having officially completed my program back in September 2011 (but really being finished back in April 2011), this day has been more than a year in the making. To say I was happy when I finally received it would be tremendous understatement. So I treated myself to a bit of a "par-tay" with my very best friends :) The morning after was hang-over free and I had a great time the night previous so I'd count my "graduation" as a success! Here's the happy girl... gonna have to get that framed pretty soon...

I also managed to make quite a bit of progress on my Friendship Sampler this weekend as well.


In other news, I've purchased a chart making program for my iPad which I've been experimenting with for a couple of hours. I do like it, but it's a little slow and prone to freezing, so I'm not in love with it at the moment. But I do like that it has the ability to show me the coloured version of the final product which I think is EXTREMELY useful. Here's a screen shot of what I'm working on...

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Remember my post back in April about the house in Tors Cove??? Well this is my inspiration ... 

I may add a few other Newfoundland inspired elements - a dory and maybe some birds off in the distance... I need to spruce it up a bit ;) 

Generally speaking though, I really think charts are more like guidelines rather than being something that is set in stone. I have no qualms with making changes when the real deals starts to come alive on the fabric. 

I hope one day to be able to produce a few charts inspired by the unique and funky houses that litter Newfoundland. As you can see below there are plenty out there!

Anyway, that's enough from me for today! I hope everyone had a great weekend and if you haven't done so already, sign up for my give-away here. Ends JUNE 19!!!!

Ciao for now.



  1. I loved your post:-) congratulation on your graduation! You really deserved that party. I can understand you feel very happy! Your frienship sampler looks lovely. Beautiful colors too! Which program are you using for the charts? Want to try a few myself.

    1. Thanks :)

      It's called "cross stitch 2 go" for ipad. The company (Ursa Software) does have a full blown version available for PC on their website. It seemed a little costly for me seeing as I'm only experimenting in chart making at the moment. So the much cheaper iPad version was the winner for me... although I'm sure the PC version is much better, with more options and features. Have a great day!

  2. Yes, I remember that picture. Glad to see you work on the chart for it. Thanks for sharing the cool house pictures.

  3. Suuuuuuuper =)
    Congrats for your diploma and we can see on your face how happy you are =)
    Pretty girl
    your sampler is looking sweet, one day I'll try one, always stitching animals or characters, but never samplers like this, I love the colours of yours
    Newfoundland has pretty houses ! Would like to live in such one =)
    Happy stitching

  4. congratulations on your diploma, and glad you had a celebration! love your picture too, you are very pretty and happy :)

    love your sampler it's looking great

  5. Congratulations on your graduation! The diploma looks very significant))))

    I love the Jelly Bean row houses, they are so cheerful, so sunny.
    Can't wait to see them with my own eyes)!

  6. Congratulations on your graduation!

  7. Congratulations on your graduation from the very rainy cold Pacific NW!

  8. Congrats on getting your diploma. Your stitching looks great.


  9. Congratulations on receiving your diploma. Friendship Sampler seems to be progressing wonderfully. Love the reds. Cute house you've designed :)


  10. Ohhh I love it, beautiful!!!

    hugs and thanks for your visit!

    eljardindemiduende ^^

  11. Congratulations!
    Lovely stitching and I can't wait to see the rest of your designing :)
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Congratulations!!
    Lovely stitches and you chart looks great so far! Do I sense a whole series of houses based on your photos?

    1. Thanks Catherine :) There's certainly enough creative juices flowing right now for that right now ;)

  13. Congratulations on your graduation, what a great accomplishment to be proud of. I loved the pictures you had previously posted, I think it is so cool that you are taking it to the next level and creating patterns. Keep up the good, creative work. Your progress is looking good as well.

  14. Big Congrats on your Graduation! That's a cute photo of you :D Love your friendship sampler!! Cool app you got for your ipad! I love Tors Cove and anything Newfoundlandish :D Waves from the Pacific!!!!


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