Thursday, November 22, 2012

BUSY! (Exchange update)

Happy Thursday Folks - and a special Happy Thanksgiving to my neighbours to the south!

It's been quite some time since I posted last!!! I've been missing you blogland!!!! Unfortunately, I've been mega busy over the last couple of weeks and just didn't get around to posting and uploading pictures to show everyone. C'est la vie!

Now that I've finally uploaded some pics I can now do justice to the  Fall exchange I participated in with Stitched with Love Exchanges. I've done a number of these exchanges now and not one has failed to surprise me :) I think I fall more in love with these exchanges with the more I do. Plus there's lots of motivation to get things done! Funny how that is... I always put down the WIPs for me so I can do an exchange piece. It's not that I don't love my WIPs... I just have so much fun with exchanges hehe. 

Anyway here we are! This is what I sent off to Kathy :) For the piece I stitched, I used a chart out of a cross stitch magazine that was fall themed... My memory must be dying because I can't remember the designer nor the magazine at the moment. Will have to dig that out later!

I've done speciality stitches before, but the stitches in this were insane!!! The pumpkins in particular were VERY difficult. But I think they turned out great (some how)!

I decided to try a different finish this time too. No help from mom other than threading the sewing machine through. For some reason I find setting up the sewing machine to be an impossible task. First off the thing is ancient, any wrong move and something could dislodge and I'd have no idea how to put it back... and second - well it's sooooo darn hard to remember how and where to thread the floss through other than at the needle. I think Mom has shown me this a hundred times now and I still can't understand when to put the floss through the leaver and in what direction!!!! HUMPH! 
I think I lack some serious ability on the sewing machine... I can't even sew straight lol. So it's a miracle that this finish came out like this at all.  

Then there's the magnificent parcel I got from Fiona! 5 skiens of floss and 4 trimmings from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe, 3 rolls of ribbon, buttons, a tape measure, beaded needle, 2 pieces of fabric from silkweavers,  and the most gorgeous box finish with a Blackbirds designs  xstitch :)

And as if this wasn't enough - when I opened the box the inside was beautifully finished and with little goodies too!!! Some fine tapestry needles and the cutest pair of embroidery scissors EVER!

So a big huge thank you to Fiona for this wonderful exchange package!!!!
Until next time!
Happy Stitching


  1. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes Melissa.
    My oh my! What a beautiful exchange. Those pumpkins you stitched are fab!

  2. What a lovely exchange! Both on gifts given & the one received! Nice to read your post, Mii x

  3. That was a lovely exchange.
    Your pumpkin piece looks great.
    You did a better job with the sewing machine then me.All i did was turn the wheel and broke the needle. ;)

  4. wow very sweet exchange gifts..
    your pumpkin stitching finish is looking so cute..
    big hugs x

  5. Wow, gorgeous exchanges. The speciality stitches look awesome
    I have the same problem with my sewing machine. I got the threading right the first time, and that was the last time too!!

  6. So glad you liked it, it was so much fun to put together. I always try to chose things that I would like and hope the recipient likes them too. Your pumpkins look stunning and nic finishing.

  7. what a great exchange.... Love your part about the sewing machine. I always have to read the instructions to thread it.

  8. What a wonderful exchange!
    The stitched pieces are so beautiful :)

  9. Oh, wow, both your exchange and the one you received are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. You've got a lovely pressie there lady. The box is so cute and the goodies inside make it even better.

  11. Lovely finish. I'm not a friend with my sewing machine either.

  12. Such a great exchange! Those pumpkins look quite daunting but they turned out beautiful and you got more practice on special stitches! :D

    I'm thinking I'm afraid of the sewing machine. Maybe I can persuade my mother to part with her super old treadle Singer and that won't be so scary, lol!


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