Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Who wants to do a SAL???

Happy Tuesday Folks!

I've been a busy bee lately - in life and stitching!!! 

But I'll post more on that later :)

Today's a quicky post!

While checking out some of the Facebook groups I'm in I discovered that Country Cottage Needleworks released their new Santa's Village series!

For the next year CCN will release a new chart every month.

Here's a peak at the first chart Santa's House available today (hasn't been put up on 123stitch yet though):

SO I thought it would be great to start a SAL!!!

If you're interested please join me at Santa's Village SAL on Facebook. 

IF you don't have Facebook but would still like to participate in the SAL please leave a comment here and if I get enough interest I'll create a new blog especially for the SAL :)

Merry Stitching!!!



  1. Hi Melissa,
    I would be interested to join ... although I know that the releases in Europe are later than in the USA (have to wait for the postman :-)

  2. Melissa,

    Vonna at the Twisted Stitcher is doing this as a SAL too, she posted this on her blog


    I'm undecided it I want to do it, but I think it is going to be awesome, I just need to finshi some of what I've already kitted up before my husband boots me out the house. Just thought I share that she has quite a few that are going to do her SAL, might be easier to join in hers? Have a great afternoon and can't wait to see ya'll get started on this project!

  3. I'm still really thinking about doing this. But I need another project like I need another hole in my head.

  4. I have ordered these already through beach cottage stitchers. They auto ship one a month - I requested to join on your facebook group.

  5. A SAL would be fun, I'm still debating.

  6. Hi Melissa! Check out my blog, I'm talking about you! :D


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