Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Destination Germany

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

Well the parents have flown the coop! They're off to Germany this week to experience the loveliness of Christmas time in Europe!!!! They'll be flying for quite sometime (many connections to get off this Island of mine) but this is what they have waiting for them on the other side of the Atlantic:

Excuse me while I go die of jealousy! This kind of picture makes my heart ache because it reminds me of my time in Europe and specifically of my trip to Brussels during this exact time of year 2 years ago. 

That's me in Grand Place in Brussels! Oh goodness... now I'm getting emotional! And what makes it worse is that one of my very best friends (from my university days in Italy  lives in Germany and they are going to get to see her!!! Let another bout of jealousy begin! But I am happy that they will get to see her because I got to send her some things for Christmas that I wouldn't normally get to. I wish I was going to be there to see her face when she opens it but ohhhhh well :) I keep telling myself that one day soon I will get over to Europe to see her again!

While doing up her gift I decided to polish of a cross stitch finish I had from a while ago. You remember this don't you?

Well I turned it into this!!!

A nice little ornament for her to hang on her Christmas tree! She loves Canada and has been here a couple of times prior to me meeting here. So I thought some Canadiana would be a great little addition to her goodies. I used some fabric I had in my stash for the backing and trimmed it with a little chenille I had gotten from an exchange. Sewing the heart shape proved to be very challenging but I got it done. I didn't particularly like my finishing job as the heart shape wasn't all that great and I found it tugged in some places and didn't finish even along the seam. But the chenille covered it all up and made it look GREAT! So much so I'm thinking of ordering some for future projects :)

I've also been very busy stitching up some other Christmas pieces for a couple of exchanges (1 sent and 1 more to go :) ) I cannot wait to show you what I made - it's killing me to keep it in! Let's just say I am VERY proud of myself.

Well folks, time for me to go huddle up in my stitching chair... in for our first big snowfall for the year... the day before I'm suppose to get my winter tires on... I have one thing to say .... Murphy's Law. It loves me. 

Oh but before I go I want to share some pictures I just took. This is Leia's first snow she'll really remember. While we got her when there was still snow on the ground I doubt she remembers because she was so young at the time. Enjoy :)

What's this White Stuff?
O…M…G!!!!! IT'S FLUFFY!!!


Ciao for now :)


  1. Lovely holiday pics! I am jealous too, I love Germany. I went a couple of years ago in the summer, but it must be gorgeous at the holidays! Leia looks like she is having lots of fun :)

  2. Thursday? No, it's Wednesday!! I LOVE blogging! We meet so many different people, from all over!! Brussels looks so beautiful! Wow! Europe has so much to see! And Leia in the snow is so adorable! Imagine your first time--just like that! I love snow... for the first ten or fifteen minutes! Hugs!

  3. The pictures are wonderful. They bring back memories. We spent Christmas in Germany 8 years ago. The Christmas Markets were just amazing! I'm sure your friend will love that ornament.

  4. Wow the pictures are so besutiful.
    Love cucki x

  5. Lovely finish.
    Be safe in that snow :)

  6. your parents are very lucky =)
    3 years ago we went to Aachen for Xams ! wooo ! Germany and Alsace in France have such a wonderful way to celebrate Xmas !
    really amazing
    very lovely piece you made too
    big hugs

  7. That first picture is amazing!!! :D
    Lovely stitching :)

  8. Dogs and Snow... It is a wonderful thing. Love your pictures, and Christmas in Europe - now that is a WOW

  9. Awww look - you have a setter. I haven't seen her on your blog before. She looks about the same age as Bronte, my little setter tearaway. She had her first birthday on Nov 19th. I also have an older setter, Meghan. I will be watching out for your blog postings with interest now that I've seen Leia. Oh.....your stitching is nice too!!! Irene xxx

  10. Absolutely beautiful finish! I love it. I've never tried sewing heart-shaped - good for you!

  11. How wonderful for your parents! I would love to spend
    Christmas in Germany!!! One day....
    Your ornament finish is lovely!
    Love the pup in snow pictures ~ I'm looking forward to our first snow to see how Panzer reacts.

  12. Your ornament is lovely, congratulations

    I hope your parents have a great holiday

  13. What a nice present for your friend! Great stitching. I have never been to one of the continental European Christmas markets but would love to go sometime. They did an Irish version of it at one of the big golf courses and let's just say it was lame and leave it at that. LOL Your dog is gorgeous!

  14. Oh wow! That picture just warms my heart! A Christmas village!! What a sweet little ornament you made for your friend. She will cherish it I'm sure!

  15. Wow, what a lovely Christmas setting! I think I need to step it up a bit with our own decorations, lol!!

    Such a great finish on your stitch! The heart looks great and unevenness adds character, right~ :D

    LOL at your doggy -- looks like she's having so much fun! Hopefully she won't start barking at every snowflake that flutters by!

  16. Hi, it's wonderful to see on a Canadian blog the X-mas-market of my hometown.
    I hope your parents had a wonderful time like I had in June in.... Canada.
    Warm greetings, Gabi


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