Saturday, November 24, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I found out about a week ago that Sarah from over at Sarah in Stitches had honoured me with the Liebster Blog Award. This is not my first time having been awarded with such recognition! I remember the first time I received this award was wayyyyy back in April when I first started blogging. Back then, it was awesome to receive such an award so early on in my blogging hobby! It gave me the motivation to keep blogging knowing that people REALLY were visiting my little corner of the blogosphere, connected me with others and allowed me to spread the recognition - what more can blogging and this community be more about ?!?! 

It was a surprise then and it's just as an honour and surprise now too! 

And now it's my turn to spread the word about some favourite bloggers of mine with 200 followers or less! Just like so many of you, these bloggers put so much into what they write and into what they create. Time to celebrate all of whom you know just like these amazing peeps!

1. McKenna at Chic Crafting

2. Bonnie at Bonnie's World

3. Cami at Stitching n Bits

4. Vicky at A Stitcher's Story

I hope everyone is sufficiently filled with turkey and ready for Christmas!!!!

Have a great weekend!



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