Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catching Up

Hello again readers,

Firstly thank you once again for all the wonderful comments on my last post! I hope you will all be able to make it here one day, perhaps even take in a kitchen party or two ;) And welcome to the new follower's I've picked up as well :)

It's been quite a while since I posted last, almost a full week. Wait did I read that right? A full week?! Shockin' I know. I so enjoy posting here and reading up on everyones blog but I seemed to have fallen a little behind this week. SO I spent my morning break and lunch hour reading away and am now feeling inspired.

I have a new start that I'll be beginning today, but shhhhhh it's a little bit of a secret. I'm participating in Stitched With Love Exchanges and this start will represent my beginning my very first exchange!!!! EXCITING! I didn't have a wealth of patterns to avail of to suit my partner, but I have one I think may do the trick. I really want to whip up something nice and the creative juices are flowing! Bright fun colours for the summer months ahead.

Apart from this 'Oh Christmas Tree" really has taken a backseat to the Papillon SAL piece. I know I've said this before, but the combination of the different fabric and the speciality stitches are making this so fun! I can hardly put it down. I have one more heart to do until this part of the SAL is done. I'll be anxiously waiting for part number 2 this week!

On a good note though I'm starting to feel the itch to pick up 'Oh Christmas Tree' again, the complete aversion I had to it last week has dissipated considerably and I think I'll brave the 'green' of the tree very soon.

Putting stitchy news aside, life has been pretty straight forward over the past week. I'll be starting pottery lesson VERY soon (first class was postponed :(  ). OH and here are some lovely little pics of what mother nature decided to surprise us with this morning...  unfortunately that white stuff is not a figment of your imagination... it's snow... The warm, veritably balmy weather of last week has disappeared. I look at the weather forecast and I think, when are those people going to give me some news that's real and not just false hope. For instance, the 14 day trend has predicted this week's forecast to be pretty darn crappy, lots of rain/snow showers and temps that would make anyone cry... BUT I seem to recall the previous 14 day trend last week had predicted this week to be awesome... how very wrong they were. Thing is, this is not a one time thing - it's all the time. If they predict rain, we either hardly have any of what they had predicted OR the sun literally splits the rocks. Take for instance that warm lovely weather I was talking to you about, on all the days it got to 20+ degrees... the weather forecasters had predicted showers and temps in around 10-12 degrees. Talk about discrepancies!!! But I guess I can lament all I want, but that doesn't change what mother nature throws at us in terms of weather, just going to have to truck through it.

Oh and before I forget! This past Friday was my younger brother's grad. Don't they look beautiful?!!!! What I wouldn't give to have her dress back when I graduated. 

And of course, it wouldn't be a complete post if I didn't add any puppy pics. These two were quite curious of the impromptu grad photo shoot taking place in the back yard. I'm sure they were trying to come up with devious ideas on how they could devour that pretty sparkly purple dress. 

Until next time my dears! Happy Stitching!!!


  1. Oh yuck on the snow! Hope your warm weather returns soon.
    Great picture of your brother and friend ~ what a pretty dress! And the pups are cute as always.
    Your stitched piece is lovely! Have fun with the exchange, I am sitting this one out due to the crazy schedule my boys have me on right now ~ but I know when I see everyone's goodies I'll be sorry I did!

  2. What a difference a few days make, that can't be the beautiful green area in the graduation picture that is now covered with snow. I for one can do without snow any time of the year especially now. I love the pictures of the SAL they are lovely, it is a truly fun stitch. I can hardly wait for the next installment myself.

  3. Lovely work on the SAL, your color choices look great! I still have more to do on mine before the next installment. Hope spring comes back to you soon!

  4. Great stitching on the heart. I don't think I could do those speciality stitches.


  5. Great stitching on the SAL. The weather can be so entertaining!

  6. Loving your Papillon SAL, you have made great progress. All your pics are wonderful even the snowy one.

  7. Oh, I'm sure your partner will love whatever you stitch. Your Papillon SAL is the first WiP I've seen and I must say it looks gorgeous! Can't get enough of your puppy pics. Too adorable!


  8. Love your choice of colors on the papillon sal! gorgeous stitching too. I wouldn't worry too much about the exchange. If I see the choices you make, I'm pretty sure you'll exchange partner will be very happy with whatever you choose.

  9. Oh no not snow, mind you it's feeling cold here today after a beautiful sunny day yesterday.
    Love your hearts so pretty.
    Sweet puppies how cute.
    You will love the exchange its so much fun. Hugs

  10. LOL Those dogs look super devious! I hope the dress survived. Love looking at the around the world SAL - it's so beautiful and everyone's is so individual due to choice of color. Awesome!


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