Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going Stash Crazy

Hello again Folks!

First off welcome to my new followers and thank you to all for the lovely comments I've received on my previous posts these last couple of days :)

I think I'm going to have to drag myself away from the plethora of cross stitching sites out there... I am officially going STASH CRAZY! I don't mean picking up the occasional chart or piece of fabric here and there... I mean checking places like almost everyday to see what's new and exciting. I have lots of projects waiting for me but I just want moreeeeeee. For instance... silkweaver fabrics weekly facebook sales of its fabrics... well I'm the person screaming at the computer screen screaming 'MEEEEE', yet some how managing to keep my fingers from hitting the enter button and buying those marvellous, delicious, divine fabrics ... 

When I'm not in buying mode I drool over the stash I have thinking 'soon my pretty, soon...' 

SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!! How do I cure this itch???


This message was brought to you by cross stitch nut Melissa... now back to our regular programming.

This past weekend was a BLAST. Lots of friends, family, fishing and stitching! I'd definitely qualify May 24th weekend and IHSW a success. Here's some photo's of the May 24th weekend festivities:

My man being foolish! 

Brother fishing with is freezing little pup... 

The May 24th Gang!

And now another weekend is upon us!!! YEY. I have a concert I'm heading to tomorrow night - another YEY. This particular concert I've been literally waiting for forever. I'm not kidding... I bought my tickets back in November for the show in March which then got postponed to MAY! YIKES! Now I'm not what you call a fanatic... but it's rare to get concerts this big in such a small place... so you take what you can get. Of course it helps that I actually enjoy the band :) 

Besides anticipating another weekend full of activities, this week I've actually managed to achieve LOADS of stitching in... I just can't update you on much seeing as one of my stitchy projects is top secret. But I did get a little progress in on my Friendship Sampler - che bella no?

Also, here is my May TUSAL jar for this month - as you can tell I've been busy! And these are  only the threads that I managed to catch from other sneaky fingers/paws.

These being the mischievous buggers... 

They are not as innocent as they look I promise. You just have to get past the pile of cuteness and I swear you'll see that they would like nothing more than chew-up every shoe in the house so that you never leave again because you have nothing to wear on your feet! 

Until next time!

Ciao tutti!



  1. Awww but I just can't get past all the cuteness!! XD Good luck healing the stitchy stash itch! Share the cure if you fins it, lol. Whenever I try to supress it, I end up buying tons of books. When I stop buying books, I get back to stash. It's a viscious circle!

    1. Eh) I have the same obsession - I buy tons of things (beautiful dishes, cookie jars, vases, trunks, boxes, pots and other pretty things) - our flat is full of my stuff. And it is everywhere!
      One day we will be buried alive...)))))))))))

  2. Your friendship sampler is so pretty!! I think many of us have your affliction. My DH says I'll need to live to 100 just to finish what I have now!!

  3. Well, you're not the only one. LOL! I've been on a stash buying craze and it's not like I don't have enough on my to-stitch list already.

    The puppies are just too cute and your Friendship Sampler beautiful!


  4. Good luck with the stashing intervention. The blogs do not help with that at all. We are a bunch of evil enablers!
    It looks like you had a great weekend.
    Lovely stitchy progress!

  5. I enjoyed this post very much Melissa! Your addiction made me laugh:))Besides, your companions look so great as well as your Friendship Sampler...

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Your Friendship Sampler is lovely. And good luck finding a cure for your addiction - please share if you find it! I've just bought several new HAED 'cause you can't pass up a 50% off sale, right? Looks like you had a fun weekend.

  7. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Great stitches and cute pups! As far as the addiction, you are not alone. Perhaps someone needs to start a stash-a-holics anonymous group! ;)


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