Monday, May 14, 2012


Hello again my stitchy friends :)

Firstly, thank you all for the wonderful comments on my last post. I'm so glad you all enjoyed to pictures of South Brigus - I love this beautiful Island of mine and cannot resist sharing the photos I take with you guys!!!

My post title today is very appropriate because we got DRENCHED yesterday. It rained, and then it rained some more right up until 7pm and then the sun came out for just a quick hello and goodbye. 'Weather' also happened to be the very first thing I stitched on my new start!

This is the beginnings of the Friendship Sampler I purchased from the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe not too long ago. I'm loving the hand dyed floss so far, especially since it's not quite the same shade throughout the length of the floss so the end result is rustic - which is exactly what I'm going for on this project. The only liberty I've taken with the design/instructions so far is that I'm not using full floss stitches - and by that I took it mean the whole 6 strands of floss!!! So instead I'm using just 3 - essentially halving the floss. I did a couple of stitches in full floss but the result was far to bulky for my liking. 3 strands on 18 count aida is just full enough for me I think. 

On another note ... I'm beginning to feel a bit guilty for not working on 'Oh Christmas Tree'... but I'm just not in the mood :( There are so many other fun stitchy projects calling my name! I know this is probably no excuse but I simply want to do other projects first. Maybe I'll get around to it soon... no promises though. 

Oh! Also, this weekend I finished up part of my project for my Stitched With Love Exchange partner, this of course was between helping my brother put the finishing touches on his new house. Just got to get the ok from the inspector and he'll be in the house and my free time will have doubled (or maybe even tripled!). Seriously though, I'm very happy for him and his girlfriend. Soon I hope to have a house just as beautiful as theirs. 

I'll leave you with a puppy picture, it's been some time since I posted a picture of these two rascals. Blue (the black and white one) will soon be leaving us to live with my brother - the true owner. I'm not sure how Leia will like that seeing as I'm pretty sure these two are in love with each other.  I see many a puppy date in the future...

Happy Stitching dearies!



  1. The thread is a lovely shade....
    The pooches are adorable....

  2. The dogs are so cute! About the Christmas tree project-if I loose my enthusiasm for a project, I put it aside. That has only happened a few times, but I have no regrets. You are right, so many projects are calling!

  3. Beautiful new start Melissa! It is ok to take a break from the big Christmas piece.
    Happy puppies :)

  4. Pretty color on your new start! Awwww..the pups look comfy. No doubt Leia will miss her buddy, hopefully they'll have plenty of times together.

  5. Lovely new start. The red is so pretty.

    Hehe... I'm used to having many projects calling my name at once. It's part of being a stitcher. Hence the number of WiPs I have.

    Beautiful pic of your puppies. I'm sure Leia will miss Blue.


  6. Sorry to hear the wather is nasty, but that looks like a great new start and the dogs are just so cute!!!

  7. hello dear, its me cucki from south africa :)
    thank you so much for following my humble so happy for it..
    your stitching is so sweet..sweet new start...
    so sorry to hear that weather is not nice..sending you big hugs
    cucki xx

  8. Hi Melissa

    Love your new start! Warning - hand dyed thread is very addictive! Before you know it you'll be buying loads of it!

    Sorry your weather isn't good, we've had rain and more rain where I am in the UK.

    Lovely pics of the dogs, so sweet!

  9. Your new start looks great! I agree with you about six strands of floss....wayyyy too bulky for my liking!

  10. Lovely colour you are using! I like the rusticness of the pink :D Such sweetie pies those doggies :D

  11. Here in the UK we are experiencing extremely wet weather too - not great! Particularly as we are supposed to have a hose pipe ban in place because of the 'drought'???!
    Your new start is looking good. I agree, 6 strands is VERY bulky.
    Your pups are too cute, snuggled up together like that.


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