Thursday, October 10, 2013


Happy Thursday!

Wowzers have I ever been distracted lately. After getting a good start in on Santa's Magic a couple of weeks ago, literally ZERO stitching has taken place. I guess I have a few good excuses for this.

1. Work

I'm not what you call a workaholic but I've been busting my butt at work lately. At work early in the morning, often the last to leave the office, bringing work home. All because I'm in the middle of a series of workshops I've put together and it's literally eating up my days! It's constant work on presentations and one email and meeting after another. By the end of the day all I want to do is go home and crash... not move a muscle... not even touch a pan to make supper.

So this is what it's like to be a busy professional?!

Don't get me wrong! I'm feeling more fulfilled than ever and I'm very happy that I'm run off my feet. I prefer it that way. But boy, I can't wait until the pressure is off! Another month and a half to go!!!

2. Quilting

I started my quilting class exactly 2 weeks ago! Super fun, but again makes for a loooooong day as I stay out in town rather than going home after work because I would just have to turn around an hour after I get home just to come back to do the course... so I stay out in town. And did I mention the class is 3 hours long and doesn't end until 10pm!!!! Never doing that again. 

I am starting to fall in love with quilting though! I've order some new fabric and have my 10 blocks for my quilt class nearly finished!!! EXCITING!!!


Myself and my wonderful boyfriend have our first furbaby! I picked her up 2 Saturdays ago and BOY she is starting the be a handful. It makes me wonder how I ever got through having two puppies at once not even two years ago. Blue and Leia have since grown up quite a bit and Blue has gone off to live with my brother. Anyway here is our little Arya (AR-EE-yuh) the Irish Setter!

Hopefully I'll be able to get back into the stitching swing once she doesn't need constant supervision!

Toodles for now!



  1. Awwww Arya is gorgeous!!!! Cute!

  2. Arya is a beautiful dog! And she looks so sweet!!!

  3. Hang in there!
    Arya is just gorgeous.♥

  4. Aww, sweet puppy! I hope work eases up soon. Glad you're enjoying the quilting, though! Can't wait to see what you've made so far!

  5. Awww arya is a sweetie cute...
    Happy quilting time dear x

  6. awwwww cute, over cute Arya !!
    so beautiful
    we can easily understand why you've been busy those days =)
    enjoy your quilting class
    can't wait to see what you'll create
    big hugs

  7. What an adorable puppy Melissa.


  8. Arya is adorable. Congrats on your new puppy. Hope to see some of your quilting in the future. Good luck with your projects for work.
    love Annette

  9. Busy, busy, busy!! What a sweet new puppy ~ they are a lot of work, but oh so cute!

  10. Oh how I remember puppyhood. It will take a while for the silliness to subside and stitching to resume. In the mean time, enjoy that cuteness!


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