Monday, October 21, 2013

Mondays + Dirty Digging

Happy Monday!

I have a case of the Monday's today. This morning when I woke up I thought to myself uggggghhhh can't I just stay in bed???? I could hear that it was raining... there was barely enough light to see about my bedroom... combine this with a comfy bed and a puppy cuddled into the crook of your legs and I'm sure many of you can see why I just did not want to move. But despite ever fibre of my being wanting to stay put, I slapped the alarm clock one last time at 7:05am and flicked off the blankets to meet the cool air that seems to have seeped into the house as October has creeped along. I wrap myself up in my house coat and beginmy morning routine... shower, put dog out, feed dog, get lunch ready, do hair (no makeup... too lazy today), jump in car and off I go. 

All day my body screamed... I just wanna go home!

I hate starting my week off like this. But then I guess there are just some days that are more difficult to put up with (let's face it we all put-up with Mondays more often than not...). Perhaps we should have a revolution and demand 4 day work weeks! Who's with me? I jest of course, one always wants what one cannot have :)

So to perk myself up here I am again whipping up a post just because I feel like it. So what I am I going to talk about today? Well the garden hasn't seen much action on my blog lately so that feels like a perfect topic! Specifically, harvest time. I very nearly entitled this post "The Harvest" but of course I had a sneaking suspicion that I might have used that title before. Lo and behold, I have. SO dirty digging it is!

Harvesting veg is not nearly as neat and straight forward as just pulling things out of the ground. Nope. Wearing gloves is an absolute necessity... especially when the soil is soaked with rain water. Perfect recipe for mud if you allow yourself to get messy.

This year we expanded our efforts to many more onions, more carrots, garlic, more turnip, asparagus, rhubarb (bit of story here), beans, cabbage, and the all traditional potato (although this is our first year growing it). Once a couple of new beds were constructed and everything was planted the garden was pretty well left to it's own devices. Too busy house building you see. We won't thank ourselves next year as I'm sure we'll be weeding forever. 

That being said, we got quite the haul this year. I'm sure we could have had even bigger and better veg but for what we got I think the garden did quite well!!! And I should mention we've been harvesting from the garden ever since August, so we've gotten quite a lot from our growing garden :) (PS: I'm convinced my boyfriend is the one with the green thumb. Without him I'd be lost and I'm sure things would probably only have grown to the size of a quarter haha).

Here's some pictures, but keep in mind that there is tones more still waiting to hauled out of the ground!


Our piddly little cabbage...

Spanish Onions :)

L'ail! Garlic 

Now...just to come up with recipes to use all this stuff up! If anyone has any suggestions on how I can preserve my onions I would be ever grateful as I have a million and no clue what to do with them all!!!! 

Despite the dreadful Monday start, Fall will continue to be one of favourite seasons... just stop raining already!!! :)

I'll leave you now with my puppy/doggy pics! Couldn't take picture of just one of my pups now could I!?!?

Baby Arya

Beautiful Leia

Until next time,



  1. You have had a great garden from the looks of it! I am not much of one to cook with onions, so no help from me! Your pups are cute, cute, cute! Hugs!

  2. Ugh! I felt the same way.
    Your garden did amazing. So many lovely vegetables. I am sure that you will come up with amazing recipes.
    Hugs to you and the pups!

  3. Gorgeous veggies! Not sure how to save the onions... start cooking? Sweet doggies too!

  4. Great garden haul! It's sad, but I have no green thumb at all. I might actually have a black thumb. I always have the desire to grow things, but they consistently die on me. Oh well.

  5. Look at those great onions! Lucky you! You know that you can chop and freeze them for later use. Have a great week.

  6. Great job you two in the garden!!
    The dogs are adorable. Are they getting along?

  7. Your had a very productive garden this year. Cute photo's of the dogs

  8. You got a great crop from your garden. I can't grow anything but weeds. lol

    Oh your precious!

  9. Hi. I've been following your blog off and on for the last year or so. So now I'm commenting and I have my own blog. I love reading yours. I'm a stitcher too and a born and bred Newfie living in Corner Brook. Love your stitching. Michelle

  10. Great harvest! Love the sweet pups!


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