Thursday, October 24, 2013

Festive Finish and New Start, an IHSW report!

Happy Thursday,

I have a new finish and start to show you all today! I haven't taken part in IHSW for a LONNNNG time, despite my best efforts. It's easy to let life whisk away your weekend I find, so hermitting can be a bit of a challenge. This weekend past however I found myself with a little extra time on my hands than usual and decided that some quality time with my stitching and netflix was in order :) I stitched until my hands and fingers went tingly and watched a season and a half of Bones. Yup I think I'd qualify this as a successful weekend!

I finished another house in the Santa's Village series by CCN and have another waiting in my WIPs bag just waiting for a start. I have 5 out of the 12 in the series right now... and NOW CCN has announced another series called Frosty Forest! I'm going to have to speed up because I find myself already loving the concept of Frosty Forest... oh dear ;)

Santa's Stocking Store
Country Cottage Needleworks
Stitched on 32ct Opalescent Belfast

I also put a start in on L*Ks new Mystery Sampler, Holly and Hearts.

I've been dying to start in on this sampler and have had it waiting in the lineup for a while. But I was being very disciplined and made myself hang off on starting until I finished my Santa's Village WIP! YEY for willpower.

Unfortunately, Santa's Magic has been neglected over the past week or so... just because I'm working with Kernik thread now and I hate it.

I figure once I've put the last stitch in part one of the L*K mystery sampler I'll kick my but in gear and continue on with Santa's Magic. I find with large intricate projects I always like a little side project just so I can take a break from it from time to time. Anyone else do this?

Also, do you notice how everything I'm working on right now is Christmas related?! I must have an obsession subconsciously... 

Ciao for now!



  1. oooo well done .. it was a very successful hermitting :) I need a few more hours each day to stitch more take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Beautiful stitching and great projects..well done
    Hugs x

  3. You did get lots of beautiful stitching done:) great job!
    love Anntte

  4. Great stitching! And yep, I definitely venture off into easy side projects so I don't get bored of the big projects :P

  5. Hi Melissa! I usually just have one stitching project and one sewing project going together. Yours look great!!

  6. Looking good. Just saw the Frosty Forest sneak peek... Liking what I see... Nice Maine Woods feel. I need new patterns like a hole in the head. :)

  7. Looks like a very successful IHSW! Great new finish and new start!

  8. I'm really enjoying Holly and Hearts, I made a start on part two this week and fingers crossed will get more done this weekend.

    I have a lot of santa's village too, not even started yet though! I am never going to catch up in time! x

  9. Ohhhh! I have got to get a hold of the village series! Love your work!

  10. They are all looking lovely, great progress

  11. Congrats on your finish. It's adorable!!

    Your WIPs look great, too.

  12. good obsession you have =)
    Xmas is close now and Xmas pieces are so lovely
    this Santa's village is definitely over beautiful and you're doing well on it !
    I just stitched one for the moment
    happy stitching =)
    big hugs

  13. Looks like successful hermitting to me. Love the projects you are working on!
    I need to get started on the second part of the L*K piece soon, ugh. It's already getting away from me. :(

  14. Lovely finish and a gorgeous new start. I can't wait to get onto my part 2 but still not finished part 1 yet!

  15. Hola soy Mary Carmen, me guto mucho tu espacio pero especialmente la villa de Santa Claus, podrías compartirmela o bien decirme como puedo participar en el sal. MuchAS GRACIAS
    Recibe un saludo y abrazos

  16. You are nearly halfway done with the CCN Santa's Village SAL--you can finish! Just not by end of this year... I went to a retreat, was it two weeks ago?, at Myrtle Beach, SC and all I brought to stitch on were Christmas WIPS! I grew bored and WANTED to start others, but none of the vendors had suitable fabric! Imagine!!! I had a kit for a fall piece, but no fabric! Sigh... I like what I am seeing so far of the LK piece. May end up with that one in my stash someday... Hugs!


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