Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Great Pumpkin Shortage of 2013

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

I hope you're all ready for some "trick r' treating" tonight. Now that my youngest brother is not so young anymore, I get to stay home during this spooky night and await the kids who might ring our door bell. Problem being is that we live on a street with not so many houses on it... so that means not too many kids show up at the front door! And I don't blame them!!! If I were I kid I'd want to go where I can get the biggest bang for all those miles I put on my feet in the cold :) Ahhhh to be a kid again with a pillow case (or two) in hand pilfering all those houses for candy and chips hehe. 

Luckly, our door bell fortunes have increased lately due to some large new housing developments in the area and that equals MORE TRICK OR TREATERS :) What can I say? I just love seeing all the costumes that are donned this special night and handing out candy bars! 

I have it all planned out. The music, the decorations, and the PUMPKIN! Wait... the pumpkin... Well boy do I ever have a story to tell you about pumpkins. 

Usually it's tradition that my brothers and I go out and get our Halloween pumpkins at a nearby local farm. So Sunday arrives, it's nice, not too threatening on the rain side of things... although I can see some scary looking clouds in the distance... So I ring up my brothers to go get our pumpkins. We arrive... no pumpkins... disappointing. We always try to support local businesses first but I guess we'll just have to go to the grocery store... WRONG. No pumpkins at the grocery store... none in the whole metro area!!!! WHAT????? 

So there we are, all crammed into a car with our significant others, brainstorming where on earth we can find a pumpkin... on a Sunday... before everything closes. There's but one last place to try, Lester's Farm. A bit of a trek but we HAVE to have a pumpkin for Halloween! It would be like not having a tree on Christmas!

So off we go to Lester's, we arrive... A MILLION cars! Now if you're like me and think positive, the fact that there are tons of cars spilling out of the parking lot and into the street you'd think "Boy... they must be the only place left to have pumpkins. Thank God we are going to get one"... if you're a pessimist you'd probably think "CRAP! It's probably a free-for-all in there"... think Lord of the Flies...

If you're the pessimist, you were right. I walked in with hope only to see that the crates and pallets that used to hold pumpkins were practically empty, with only the saddest looking pumpkins left... the ones who've been beaten and bruised. Much like how I was feeling in that particular moment. I was totally deflated. My picturesque Sunday with my family had flown the coop. 

I all but gave up when I spot two GINORMOUS pumpkins left at the very end between what used to be pumpkins but now had their guts spilling out onto the ground. 

I make a beeline for what is now our "greenish", warped, yet perfectly funky and weird pumpkin.  

Now it's all over the news. "NO PUMPKINS!" "PUMPKIN SHORTAGE HITS THE AVALON". Literally, radio hosts are asking people to call in on how they plan to cope with this shortage and be creative and carve other things... watermelons, turnip, cantaloupe... you name it. While these substitutions are great solutions if you don't want to miss out on the tradition of craving at Halloween, they're still just not the same as getting up to your elbows in pumpkin slime. 

I know one thing for sure... From now on I'll be getting my pumpkin much earlier and will appreciated it soooooo much more :)

Lastly, I'll leave you with a couple pictures of two very curious pups... They were looking at me as if to say "Mommy, why are you taking pictures of pumpkins???". So I took the opportunity to grab a few snaps of them in the morning light on the front deck :) Now hopefully they'll sit just as well when the doorbell starts ringing!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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  1. Oh dear!! How can you get a pumpkin shortage.... suppliers get ready for this months in advance!!! Never fear, I love your green one... It just lacked a bit of sunshine but is perfect for a special jack o lantern ;) Have a lovely time xxxx

  2. Awww your pups are so cute!

    There are no shortage of pumpkins over here in the UK! Apparently it has been a bumper year. Your green one has character :)

  3. So funny Melissa! I enjoyed reading this first thing in the morning :D Glad that you managed to get a pumpkin, albeit a funky one, but the funky ones are the best anyways!! I adore your pups!! Oh give them a snuggle for me!!



  4. How very odd, the pumpkin shortage.
    Love, love, love the last pic!

  5. It's not only the Avalon that has a shortage of pumpkins. I can't get one here either on the west coast. It's insane! The pumpkins at our local farm was down right hideous!! Your dogs are beautiful!

  6. What's Halloween without a pumpkin or two?!!! Glad you managed to find one!

  7. Pumpkin shortage? I wish I could send you some from here. We have oodles. I was just saying to my DH about "what will they do with all those pumpkins left over?"

    Anyway I think your giant green one is lovely! So are the pups - very sweet!

  8. Aww, I'm glad you still managed to get a pumpkin in the end... Happy Halloween! :D

  9. I've seen some of the carved turnips; they were great. And I love your green pumpkin!

  10. You found the green pumpkin we were looking for and couldn't find! Plenty of pumpkins in our area, but we like getting the "different" ones. Love your pumpkin pupter protectors!

  11. When I was a kid in Scotland it was traditional to have a turnip lantern, pumpkin's are relative newcomers here and are pushing out the old ways sadly

  12. That's a hilarious story! In Australia it's Spring so our pumpkins are imported-mine cost $13! It was very pretty though. I also made some small mandarin pumpkins you can see here:

  13. Gosh, I can't believe you had a pumpkin shortage!! Love your pumpkin, and your puppies are delightful :)

  14. love your story =)
    I was anxious till the end that is finally a happy one :D
    I bought candies and this year NO kids came !! the weather was very bad and maybe they didn't dare going out =)
    maybe next year

  15. Your pumpkin story just made me laugh out loud, lol. But green or orange doesn't matter - pumpkin is pumpkin. And I hope there were a lot of trick or treatersd coming by your house.


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