Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden update!

I know... not a stitching post but I thought it might be nice to show you a before and after/mid-way through the growing season update.

So here's where I was at just a month ago. Myself and the BF had bunny proofed everything and turned the soil, added some fertilizer etc. to prepare the beds for their second year. After preparing I planted some seeds, seedlings and some very young squash plants and hoped for the best.

June 15, 2012 - The Before

Well! I was in luck because we are having the best growing year on record according to the experts. Apparently the growing season in 2 weeks ahead of schedule!!! Here's the evidence!

July 17, 2012 - The After

I planted the seeds for my radishes just 3 weeks ago and LOOK! They're already popping up out of the ground?!?! Not sure if this is normal but they seem to be doing well.

 The onions are growing very well too and I've actually been able to harvest some green onions for use already! You can smell that onion smell as soon as you dig them up. It's wonderful!

And of course I've also got some carrots growing as well. A fair bit left to grow yet however!

I've also got some zucchini growing, despite battling with what I think is powdery mildew.

The Pumpkins plants are completely taking over my Butternut Squash Plants. We've had to circumvent some of the wandering shoots of the pumpkin plants and have actually had to peel them off the butternut squash plants @_@ ! I now know better for next year and I think I'll dedicate a space just for the pumpkins!

A wandering pumpkin vine
Here's a snap of my beans and some raspberry bushes. The beans are still very small but seeing as they were the only things to actually grow in my garden last year I'm expecting them to shoot UP soon :) SOOOOO exciting!!!! (PS: I love the tepee hehe)

This is all very funny to me because I would NEVER have considered myself a gardener until this year. I think I have the weather and my BF to thank for that. After last year's dismal harvest (... only my broad beans and onions grew) I was ready to give up. I didn't want to have to battle the weather, slugs and rabbits anymore!!! But my BF really had some great ideas and his inspiration has completely motivated me. Now going out to check on the garden and do a few things around the yard is something I  really enjoy doing with him. We are such a great team and I'm so very proud that our garden has been a success so far ;)

That's all from me for now folks!

Happy Stitching (or Gardening!)



  1. Wow such a great idea..I love it so much
    A big well done
    Love for you xxx

  2. Very nice Melissa. I miss having raspberries. How about tomatoes?

  3. I enjoyed very much!!!

    It is such a pleasure and great idea to cultivate and to grow your own foods!

    Sure it takes time and needs special care but you made it! They are growing wonderfully!

  4. Your veg is looking great! I love pottering in my garden. I only grow flowers though.

  5. So yummy radish and zucchini!!!!!
    And garden beds are so beautiful.
    Did you use the fence to protect your little garden from rabbits?

  6. And someone said that you can't garden on the rock - how wrong they were! Thank you for sharing pictures.

  7. Your garden looks great, Melissa. I would love to try growing berries next year myself :)

  8. oooo well done and you must have green fingers for carrots... they are quite hard to grow ....
    its lovely being able to have fresh home grown stuff :) love mouse xxxx

  9. What a wonderful garden. Glad the bunnies are out. It is so nice to grow and pick your own.

  10. your garden looks very happy!

  11. Everything looks so green and yummy in your garden. Well done, Melissa!


  12. Your garden looks great. My is barely hanging in there with the way above normal temps and no rain. I'm hoping for the best, though!

  13. Your garden looks great! Nothing better than fresh veggies straight from the dirt :)

  14. Glad to hear and see the garden growing so well! Pretty flowers too!


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