Friday, July 27, 2012

The Case of The Missing Fabric (and a Small Finish)

Happy Friday Everyone!

I get to do a mini-happy dance today because I've finished my Canada: International Heart!!!! YEY! Isn't it pretty???

Canada - International Heart
Victorian SamplerStitched on 28ct Antique White Laguna

I certainly finished this one off fast! I only Started on this Saturday past and finished it up Wednesday evening. The needle was on fire that's for sure :)

The mail man also sent me a little surprise on Monday as well, my Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler finally made it... 

Image from

Now don't those WDW skeins look yummy!!!??? :)

BUT WAIT! Where's the FABRIC!!!! What????? I had pre-ordered  the sampler practically a month before it was released, the package was suppose to contain the chart, floss and fabric which was produced especially for this sampler... How come I didn't get the fabric I ordered with it??? NOW I won't be able stitch this up when I had planned :( I am sooo disappointed. I was truly anticipating the arrival of this :(

Now I like to think I'm a pleasant customer to deal with on just about every occasion, I rarely loose composure and generally opt for a stern yet understanding approach if something should go wrong. In other words, I don't freak out but I'm not a pushover either. I find it gets you no where when freaking out and the person on the receiving end usually tends to respect you less. With this in mind I promptly send an email off to abc stitch to see what had happened, expressing my confusion as to why I would not have received the fabric in my package. I may have been freaking out at home but I certainly kept it cool in the email - no one needs get upset to resolve a situation :) Joanne kindly came back to me and said that it was not sent because it was on backorder and that I should have received notice in my package that this was the case (which there wasn't)... I wasn't very satisfied with this response, how could they have not had enough fabric when I pre-ordered everything???? Isn't that the whole point of pre-ordering I think to myself. Anyway, I wrote back politely stating this fact and asked for a timeline on the fabric. I was thinking that if it was going to be a few weeks before they shipped that I might just opt to use some fabric that I had in my stash and get a refund on the special fabric, which is not what I really wanted to do. Thankfully, Joanne promptly replied and said that they actually had received the fabric and that it would be going out that evening. THANK GOD! I thanked Joanne for her time and now I'm much more satisfied. Case solved - All's well that ends well :) So hopefully I'll be starting it within the next two weeks!

Since I have to wait just a while longer to begin LK's Halloween Mystery Sampler I decided to go through my stash for something that might take me a couple of weeks to finish. I came across With Thy Needle and Thread's June Wordplay tucked away in the corner of my box. It may not be June anymore but I just love this chart. So I set to picking out some DMC conversion for the hand-dyed floss that are supposed to be used. I wasn't able to match all the colours up exactly but I think the ones I have chosen will look great. I'm also using 32ct  Opalescent Belfast Linen for this project. I simply love the fabric because it looks rustic yet sparkly all at the same time, great for ornaments! I have Christina over at Whilst Iris Naps to thank for putting me onto this fabric. I think it's my all-time favourite :)

Until Next time my Lovelies!



  1. Those flosses are so yummy looking! The mystery Halloween sampler interests me. I might have to look into it.

    Nice finish.

  2. Love your Canada heart. Can't wait to see how you finish it.

  3. the floss are so yummyyyy looking..
    sweet finish..
    big hugs cucki xxx

  4. Love your Canada heart and yay for speedy stitching :D I agree on the yummy looking floss - I think I need a drool bucket, lol

  5. All is looking good! Now I challenge you to finish Canadian Hear and the new start before you start LK mystery sampler.

    hugs :)

  6. Your Canada heart is so pretty. I'm so glad you got the mystery sampler situation cleared up.

  7. Wonderful finish. How frustrating not to have gotten your fabric for the LK piece. Glad it is on its way.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. That must have been so frustrating to receive the threads, but no fabric--glad you'll be able to start soon, Melissa.

    Your heart finish is so pretty!

  9. Oh, how frustrating, indeed! I'm glad you managed to get it resolved quickly, and hopefully you will have the fabric very soon.

    They word play design looks lovely.

  10. Hello

    I've just found your blog.

    Lovely finish, lovely new start and gorgeous threads!

  11. Cute finish!
    Bummer about the fabric, hopefully it will be in your hands soon!

  12. Congratulations on you finish!!! I am glad you liked the chart.

    Sorry you had to wait for your fabric. Hope you get it soon so you can start stitching on it. I am anxiously waiting for part 2.

  13. I love the Canadian heart, where did you get the chart? I would love to stitch it! Have a great day!

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