Friday, July 20, 2012

Patriotic Exchange!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

Elaine over at STITCHED WITH LOVE EXCHANGES has let us know everyone has finally received their goodies and that we can now post our exchanges :)

July has certainly been a month for celebration. Within the span of four days Canada was turning another year older (Canada Day. July 1st) and then our neighbours to the south celebrated their Independence Day (July 4th). AND to top it all off the folks across the pond were celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee! What more is there left to do other than do a themed exchange!!!

Naturally - being a Canadian I was paired with fellow Canadian Loretta! Here's what I sent dear Loretta.

Bird Ornament - Mary Ann Blackburn
Blackbird Designs
Finished June 2012
Stitched on 32ct Mocha Linen

Being a little last minute for me, I didn't have time to order and then stitch a patriotic themed piece... as much as I would have loved to. So I sent charts and a stitched item that I thought Loretta would like based off her survey.  To make up for a lack of Canadiana I sent some red and white items - Canada Day Stickers and some red glass beads. In addition I sent her some of my hand dyed floss, a couple stitchy magazines, and two small charts. 

As for my stitched piece, this was a small from Blackbird Designs Mary Ann Blackburn Loose Feathers booklet. Originally it was supposed to have the year stitched in as well but I tend not to do that. I guess I'm just stuck in my old ways lol. I converted to DMC as best I could and then trimmed the ornament with twine and a couple of bells. I actually really like this for a door ornament. It jingles a little when you open the door and it doesn't really look all that Christmas-y thankfully... though I think you could poke it on the tree and it would blend in just fine.

Now on to the fabulous parcel Loretta sent me!

I just LOVE the biscornu! LOVE LOVE LOVE! The red is that Canadian red, if that makes any sense ;) It's just perfect!

She also sent me a wonderful Canada bag, stuffed bear (probably the softest thing I've ever touched), the coolest Canada scissors, red and white variegated floss, some Canadian themed buttons and charms and a CANADA pen.  Yup her package literally SCREAMED C.A.N.A.D.A. 

And I just couldn't forget this wonderful Canada Chart by the Victorian Sampler.  

You've got all the icons, maple leaves, Parliament Hill, evergreen trees, the flag AND our national animal the beaver. Interestingly enough there's some debate going on around the poor beaver being our national animal vs the Polar Bear. I found an interesting little illustration last week in fact by the National Post! Here it is :) I got a good chuckle out of it...

Back to the exchange - I really wish I knew where to get all this stuff or maybe Loretta just has an excellent eye ;) Either way a BIG THANK YOU to Loretta for putting together such a wonderful package. I'm slowly getting a little spoiled by these exchanges I think lol.

Well that's another exchange down and now I'm working on another. In fact it's just about finished, so soon I'll have another finish to show :)

I know it's TUSAL time but I don't have a picture! Simply forgot when uploading and I just couldn't wait to post! But she's lookin' prudy full now. I've been thinking of doing a small stitch to make a pin cushion on the top of the jar but haven't gotten around to it just yet. SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO DO AHHHHHHHHH. And what makes it worse (but it's really a good thing) is that I have MORE stash on the way. Am I crazy?

I'll be a little MIA this weekend as I'm off to pick some bakeapples (aka: cloud berries for some unknown reason) with my Nan. 

Until next week my dears,

Happy Stitching!



  1. wow everything is so beautiful..
    have a lovely day..
    hugs xx

  2. Very, very nice. Those scissors are cool. Have fun with Nan.

  3. Wonderful exchange goodies on both sides!! That comparison of beaver vs. bear made me chuckle.
    Enjoy your weekend, sounds like fun!

  4. Lovely exchanges! The bear is gorgeous.
    Happy weekend.

  5. What a wonderful post. I just found your blog from mine. I love your Canada stitches both sent and received. That biscornu is really cool.
    I love the beaver vs. the polar bear comparison.

  6. Great exchange on both sides!! Enjoy all those red and white goodies, Melissa :)

  7. lol! I love the beaver/polar bear comparison. I'm kinda partial to the beaver myself. ;)

  8. Love the exchange pieces! it's always fun to get some goodies.

  9. Fantastic exchange goodies on both sides!! :)))

    Have a great weekend!!!

  10. Great exchange on both sides indeed =)
    It's always so great to receive surprises :)
    a good theme
    bravo =)
    hugs from France

  11. Great exchange, and I love the bird ornament you stitched. Its perfect for year-round.

  12. Such a great exchnage with two wonderfully stitched and finished gifts. And a nice display of goodies coming with the exchnage pieces. Enjoy yours.

  13. Wow! Great exchanges from both of you! I adore your BBD finish with the bells and Loretta's Maple Leaf biscornu! I should make more Canadiana stuff!! I had to laugh when I saw the beaver vs the polar bear. For some reason, this topic has come up a lot over the year with random people!! I'm for the beaver, because we are industrious...but others have argued against! Us silly Canadians arguing over beavers and polar bears! LOL!!! I love that argument though!!!

  14. Wonderful exchange. Both of them :D That Canadian bear sure is cute. I LoLed at that comparison chart.


  15. Now that's a fun exchange! I love all the Canada stuff and I'm not even Canadian! LOL!


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