Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Good Tuesday Morning folks!

Summer has been in full swing here in Newfoundland this year. I'd say we've had our best summer ever in fact. Beautiful weather, phenomenal temperatures, good times, etc. Just fantastic!

I've been feeling very summery and working on the June wordplay just re-enforces that feeling. 

I've got all the wording done now so it's on to all the strawberries and summery loveliness that is in this chart.

Speaking of summer, the unequivocal summer event here in St. John's is the Royal St. John's Regatta taking place tomorrow. It's a shop holiday in the city and everyone (50,000 approx... which is basically half the city) heads down to Quidi Vidi Lake to take in some boat racing and family events... oh and to try and win loads of prizes (my favourite part haha). Just to give you a little background, the Royal St. John's Regatta is considered the oldest organized sporting event in all of North America, now 185 years old. There is speculation that it goes well beyond this but the first recorded races and events took place in 1818. Now that's not yesterday! 

1800's St. John's Regatta Illustration 
Modern Day
Now the funny thing is, the Regatta is always scheduled for the first Wednesday in August. With our notoriously bad weather that you've heard me talking about it's not unusual to see the races postponed to the following Thursday/Friday in the hopes of better weather. But the thing is, no Regatta = no Holiday. The civic holiday will ALWAYS follow the Regatta.  So if the Regatta is postponed until Thursday then the holiday will also be on Thursday. Many people decide to play what has been coined as the Regatta Roulette and go out on the town the night before HOPING TO GOD that the Regatta will go ahead the next day... playing Regatta Roulette can often backfire and you might find yourself dragging your hungover arse into work the next day. I love it haha.

Luckily the weather man is forecasting sun and cloud and minimal winds for tomorrow, yet another beautiful day is in books for what has been the most beautiful summer EVER.

Another thing that has been thankful for our beautiful weather this summer are the BLUEBERRIES! They're ripe almost a FULL MONTH ahead of schedule. In a normal year we wouldn't pick blueberries until the first week of September at the earliest. But as myself and the boyfriend were on the way out for a walk the other day we noticed that some of the berries that grow in the dirt lane beside my house were ripe and ready to be picked! You could say we're pretty lucky because blueberries and raspberries grow wild here and the clearings in our backyard are just full of them. The raspberries should be ready in another week or so and so should the remainder of the blueberries. We picked just about a gallon of blueberries on Sunday evening and will be making a fresh blueberry pie tonight!!! YUMM-O.

Good thing I had practiced my berry picking/cleaning routine a couple of weeks ago!

Bath time!
They're HUGE this year.
Final Product :)

Until next time!

Happy Stitching and Adventuring!



  1. I'm sure you could easily get a job as professional berry picker now, lol. But they look delicious, just like the red ones you showded in a recent post together with those pictures of the wonderful scenery.
    It was funny to read about the Regatta Holiday being shifted with the event. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely stitching!

    I hope the Regatta goes ahead on schedule. It looks like a really fun event, and is on my list of things to see one day.

    Blueberries are early here in Ontario, too. We had some two weeks ago from our CSA box, and we are getting more this week. Sadly, we didn't get much in the way of strawberries this year.

  3. ooOoo! Yummy! How fortunate you are. Enjoy yourself at the Regatta. :)

  4. Beautiful stitching...
    Yummy berries ..I love them so much ..
    Have fun xxx

  5. Your wip is looking lovely!

    Lovely photos too.

  6. Are you going to make jam? Homemade raspberry jam is the best no comparison to shop stuff.

  7. Those blueberries look wonderful!

  8. I love the Wordplays!
    So glad that you have been having such a wonderful summer!! I have been enjoying reading about it.

  9. Regatta roulette, lol! Good thing the weather sounds like it will hold so hungover people don't have to drag themselves into work. Those berries look delicious.

  10. Gorgeous start on your wordplay! Oh how I wish I could be berry picking with you. My grandpa nicknamed me the Blueberry girl for a reason...I eat a LOT of blueberries!!! The Regatta looks like so much fun!!

  11. Love the word plays! And yummy on the blueberries! Just made a blueberry crumb cake today myself!

  12. Oooh... I love blueberries! Yours look so delicious. Regatta sounds like a fun event.


  13. Hi Melissa..I love those Word Play charts..have bought about 4 of them so far but yet to get one stitched! I've never seen a blueberry growing, only in the store. :) It would be fun to pick my own. I just finished reading at St John's on Wikipedia, it looks like a lovely place!


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