Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July + pool + PIZZA

Welcome to July everyone!

I cannot believe July is here already!!! It's beginning to feel like that every month now. 

We've hit the most unbelievable stretch of good weather here. 20+ degrees C everyday and clear blue skies (even though today is a little rainy and muggy). I've been blessed to have a pool at the place I'm house sitting... so needless to say, I've been out around the pool almost everyday. 

I haven't done much stitching that I can show you just yet, as I'm participating in an exchange (pictures coming soon I promise!!!). On that note Friday was mail day!!! I set to getting together not only my exchange piece package but also all my giveaway prizes. Hopefully they'll soon reach their destinations :)

Apart from that not much stitching has been accomplished these past couple of weeks. Just far too busy and enjoying the magnificent weather. 

I did, however, find time to whip up this creation! 

Isn't it a beaut! Italian style pizza is one of my most favourite things on the face of this earth. I have been constantly trying out different dough recipes but none were satisfactory until I found the one I used in the picture above. Toss in some home-made marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil, and some Tuscan style salami, and you've got yourself an amazing pizza. 

I find true Italian recipes are simple with the ingredients, nothing too complicated and not too many ingredients in one dish. Take pizza for example, as a North American, Pizza must be towered high with every meat and veggie possible, with the thickest fluffiest crust. Go to Italy and you'll find the Pizza Margherita (just tomato sauce, mozza and basil) or Pizza Diavola (tomato sauce, mozza and spicy salami) or even a pizza that is simply topped with Prociutto and Arugula and nothing else. Simple and delicious! The same goes for pasta, but that's a whole other conversation and I need to conclude this little rant of mine :) I now include this simple Italian doctrine in everything I cook, or at least I try. My cooking is invariably better than it used to be too because of it!!!

ANYWAY, I digress...

I hope to have some stitchy photo's for you later in the week.

Until then!!!



  1. Yummy Pizza, can I come to tea ?.
    You are lucky we have had rain now for 4 weeks and still it rains.
    Enjoy your sun. Love your exchange last month.

  2. Fantastic pizza! So yummy pic)

    I like italian food most of all! I even brought 4 extra kilograms from my trip to Italy two years ago)))))

  3. Sounds like you are having great weather! That pizza looks amazing.

  4. Delicius this pizza!!


  5. well i wasn't hungry till i saw that pizza ... *sigh ....
    glad you are enjoying your house sitting and looking forward to seeing that stitching too :) love mouse xxx

  6. Yummy pizza, makes me hungry.

    Can't wait to see your exchanges :)

  7. Some times stitching has to take 2nd place to lazing by the pool. Tasty looking pizza!

  8. That does look delicious! May I have some, please? ^.^


  9. Hi Melissa, have tagged you. Please check my blog for details :)

  10. Yummy!! Yes, sometimes less is more!

  11. Oh yum, your pizza looks delicious! I'm pretty un-American that I don't like pizza, that is I don't like American pizza. Simple ingredients, let the quality of a few flavors shine through!

  12. Pizza looks delicious - one of my favorite foods! You'll have to share the dough recipe.

  13. Dear Melissa, Sorry can't get to your email, but wanted to thank you for my wonderful giveaway its beautiful thank you my friend.


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